Grants for Individuals

Individual Grants

Individual Grants Program aims to support residents to undertake activities that provide opportunities to enhance the health, wellbeing and quality of life for the PAE community. We want to build a community which is engaged, resilient and/or supports future leaders thereby fostering stronger community connections. Council is committed to investing in our residents and we are looking to ensure that the City of Port Adelaide Enfield is a place our residents love to be. Due to limited funding we have removed the option to apply for funding over a 24 month period, maximum funding can now only be sought for $200

Placemaking Grants

PAE Places grants of up to $1,000 aim to support the creation and delivery of projects in public spaces across the city that improve how we feel and use our public spaces and how we can enhance the way they look and work, and also how we celebrate our heritage. It aims is to give the community the opportunity to make their City a place where people love to be through placemaking projects of all sizes and shapes.

Heritage Grants

Heritage Grants aim to encourage owners of Local Heritage Places and Contributory Items to maintain, conserve or restore places of local significance. Depending on the demand for assistance and funds available for the respective financial year, a maximum of 50% of the value of completed work, not to exceed $3,000 in any one financial year may be approved.

Other Funding Opportunities

In addition to Council's Grant programs, grant funds are also available from State and Federal Governments and from philanthropic organisations. Please visit our Other Funding Opportunities page for an extensive list of opportunities.

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