Your rates pay for more than you might realise, and you could be surprised by just how many services and facilities you benefit from every day. Our Council is responsible for delivering a multitude of services and facilities that contribute to building strong and vibrant communities.

Council collects the money required to provide those services and infrastructure as adopted in its annual budget and business plan. Rates are a form of property taxation, each ratepayer’s contribution is based on their relative property valuation, being the accepted form to assess how much money each ratepayer is to contribute. The valuation has no bearing on the total amount of rates the Council collects, this is determined through the budget process.

Each year the community is provided with an opportunity and is encouraged to participate in setting the Annual Business Plan and Budget when released for public consultation. Once the rates have been set, the Annual Business Plan Summary is distributed each year to ratepayers detailing how council will allocate its budget and the services and projects that plan to be delivered.

Your Rates at Work

Payment of Rates

Rates payments are due to be made in full or in four quarterly instalments due in September, December, March and June each year. Accounts will be sent at least 30 days before each instalment falls due.

Rates may be paid by the following methods:

  • Council website via Online Services
  • BPay (BPay biller code - 18192, reference number - refer Rate Notice)
  • Direct Debit (quarterly)
  • By phone 1300 012 401
  • By mail
  • In person at Council service centres

Full payment options are detailed on your rates notice. 

Calculation of Rates

Council Rates are set annually and billing commences in July. Council collects a levy on behalf of the Natural Resources Board.

Port Adelaide Enfield Council rate using the minimum charge method. The minimum rate payable for the 2019-2020 financial year is: $856.00.

Council adopted the 2019-2020 Annual Business Plan and budget on 2 July 2019 and the rates were set as follows:

Differential Rate in the Dollar     

  • Residential - 0.00248
  • Commercial/Industrial/Other - 0.00590
  • Vacant Land - 0.00590
  • Natural Resources Levy - 0.0000913
  • New Haven Levy - 0.00170

Capital value of property multiplied by the rate in the dollar = rates levied (subject to minimum rate).

Change of Address

Any changes to your mailing address for the delivery of the Rate Notices must be made in writing to ensure updates are only taken from authorised owners and occupiers. It is for this reason that Council do not accept this advice by telephone.

Changes can be made by emailing the advice to: service@cityofpae.sa.gov.au or by using the change of address link below.

Request a Duplicate Rate Notice

Copies of previous financial year Rate Notices issued for your property can be requested using the link below.  A fee of $11.00 is payable for each Rate Notice outside the current financial year that is requested.  Payments can be made by calling Customer Service on (08) 8405 6600 or on collection of the Rate Notices

Payment Arrangements

A ratepayer who is experiencing difficulty in paying an instalment is advised to call Council on (08) 8405 6600 to discuss available payment options.

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield is committed to treating ratepayers equally, confidentially and respectfully when you are unable to pay your rates on time. Our staff can discuss arrangement options that might be available to you. Further legal or recovery action will be avoided if the mutually agreed payment arrangment terms are followed.

Financial Hardship

Council work with ratepayers who may be experiencing ongoing or extreme financial stress/hardship. Postponed rates (on the basis of hardship) is reserved for ratepayers who are in ongoing extreme hardship situations.

Ratepayers who identify being in financial hardship:

  • Applicants will be required to attend an accredited financial counsellor who must prepare an income and expenditure statement before Council can consider the application.  This service is available free of charge through some charitable organisations like Uniting Care Wesley. In some instances, Council may be able to refer your situation to a hardship Counsellor that is appointed through Councils Collection Agent.
  • The Counsellor will review your income and expenditure and prepare a suggested budget (where appropriate).
  • The counsellor will be required to prepare a letter for council substantiating the current financial circumstances, indicating any recommendations for postponement or remission.
  • A copy of these documents will need to be provided to council and will support the application for hardship.
  • Other information or evidence may also be requested in certain circumstances.

Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board

The Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges (AMLR) Natural Resources Management Board was formed under the Natural Resources Management Act 2004 to manage, protect and in some cases, restore the region's precious natural resources.

Natural resources management, or NRM, is about ensuring that we wisely manage and protect what we still have and, where we can, restore what's been lost. The NRM Levy funds this vital work.

Who Pays the Regional NRM Levy?

Everyone who lives and works in the region has an impact on the environment.  As such, we all share a responsibility to take care of our precious soil, water, landscapes, marine environments, native animals and plants and ecosystems. Your contribution through the NRM levy will help to fund the vital work needed to care for and enhance these environmental assets.

Council collects the NRM levy on all rateable properties on behalf of the NRM Board.  Details of the Levy are provided on Rate Notices under the heading "Particulars of Rates and Charges" where it is listed as "Separate Rate-Regional NRM Levy".  The Levy is included in the total Balance shown on each Rates Notice.

The NRM Levy is a State tax.  For further enquiries please call the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges NRM Board on (08) 8273 9100 or visit their website.

Late Payment of Rates

In accordance with Section 186 of the Local Government Act 1999 if an instalment is not paid on or before a due date on which it falls due, the instalment will be regarded as being in arrears, and a fine of 2% of the amount of the instalment is payable. A further penalty at the prescribed interest rate is added to any unpaid rates each month they continue to be unpaid.

To assist in alerting you to any unpaid rates, Council will issue a Notice of Overdue Rates after the instalment is due and remains unpaid, even if you have a payment arrangement in place.

If no communication is received and the rates remain in arrears, the outstanding rates will result in Council commencing action to recover debt in accordance with the Local Government Act 1999 and Councils Debt Treatment Plan.

A Collection Agent has been engaged to pursue recovery action of your rates. As a result, Council will apply legal fees or associated costs incurred to your account; this is why it is best to talk to us about your situation as soon as you become aware that you are not able to pay your account on time.

Council currently use the service of Australian Receivables Limited (ARL) to recover unpaid rates. If your account has been referred to ARL, please contact them on 1300 303 855. This is to provide you with a single point of contact which avoids confusion and maintains the security and confidentiality of your information.

Sale of Land for Non-Payment

The Local Government Act allows a Council to sell any property where rates have been in arrears for three years or more. The sale process is pursuant to Section 184 of the Local Government Act 1999.

Council is required to formally notify the owner in writing of the details and amount outstanding for the property, and Council’s intention to sell the land, who will also notify the mortgagee (if there is a mortgage) of Council’s intention.

If Council has not received payment of the outstanding amount within one month from the date of the letter, then Council may proceed and implement the sale process.

Postponement of Rates for Seniors Card Holders

The Local Government Act provides the option for Seniors Card holders to apply to postpone part of their Council rates. At least $500 of the total Council rates must be paid each year, allowing the balance to be held via postponement.

The balance will be deferred and will be subject to a monthly interest charge, with the accrued debt being payable on the disposal or sale of the property. However, the debt may be paid at any earlier time at the ratepayer's discretion.

Council encourage interested ratepayers to contact our Customer Service Team to discuss the edibility and criteria in more detail prior to lodging an application.

New Haven Village Water Management

Council declares a separate rate for the purpose of supporting the New Haven housing development that trialled new technology in energy efficiency, environmentally friendly materials and on site treatment and reuse of domestic waste water that is considered to be of benefit to the land and occupiers of the land.

A separate rate is declared in respect to each allotment contained within Deposit Plan No. 42580 comprising the New Haven Village at North Haven. There are 62 allotments within the Village area.

For further information view the attachments below:

Residential Building Rebate

If you are building a residential property on land rated as “Vacant Land” for the current financial year and can demonstrate that building works have substantially commenced (the concrete footings have been poured), you may be eligible for a rate rebate. Please select "Online request for Construction Rate Rebate” for your application to be considered. Refer “Rates Services – Rebates".

For further information on this topic, or if you have any questions, please call our helpful Customer Services team on 8405 6600 or email us at service@cityofpae.sa.gov.au.
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