Public Art

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield has a strong commitment to high-quality urban realm development and the creation of special places and spaces within the City. Public art may take on many forms, including standalone pieces, murals, artworks in open spaces or works of art integrated into a building. Council’s Arts and Cultural Development Officer develops public art projects within new housing developments, streetscape upgrades, open space redevelopments and festivals.

Our commitment to creating exciting and accessible community art is stated in our Public Art and Placemaking Policy - "Council will initiate Public Art as part of its commitment to improving the overall appearance of the City and to creating vibrant, attractive and functional spaces."

Council’s Public Art Guide Book showcases the vitality of our public art, artists and the spirit of our local community whose sense of place is firmly embedded in the distinctive public art on display.

More recent Public Art Projects include:

  • Midden – Esplanade/Semaphore Road, Semaphore
  • Yakkanninna – Semaphore Road/Causeway, Exeter
  • The Big E – Main North Road, Enfield
  • Weaving Sculptures – Prospect Road, Kilburn/Blair Athol
  • Merchant Navy Memorial – Port Waterfront/Lipson Street, Port Adelaide
  • WSUD (Water Sensitive Urban Design) Mosaic Pavers – Murchinson Street, Woodville Gardens
  • Dale Street Public Artworks – Dale Street, Port Adelaide
  • Panpa Panpalya – Hart’s Mill Precinct, Port Adelaide
  • Greenacres Library Mural – Fosters Road, Greenacres
  • Lartelare Murals – Jervois Bridge Pylons, New Port
  • Gadlabarti – rear 66 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide
  • Port Laneway Murals – rear 32 Nile Street, Port Adelaide

Current Public Art Projects:

  • Parks Library
  • Roy Marten Park
  • Lipson Street
  • Enfield Community Centre
  • Osborne Skate Park
  • The Lights Community & Sports Centre

Stobie Pole Art and Art in Public Places

Council encourages and supports the design and installation of artwork in public places, such as murals, bus shelters and painted stobie poles. Refer to Council’s Guidelines for the Installation of Art in Public Places and Guidelines for Public Art on Stobie Poles and Bus Shelters.

For further information on this topic, or if you have any questions, please call our helpful Customer Services team on 8405 6600 or email us at
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