The Big E Sculpture

Have you spotted "The Big E" as you have been travelling down one of our busiest roads?

This new public artwork is located on the corner of Main North Rd, Sattler Tceand Durand Tce, Enfield and was officially opened by Mayor Gary Johanson on 12 June 2014.

This contemporary public artwork was commissioned by the Council as part of the Main North Rd Redevelopment with assistance in the selection process from the State Government through Arts SA.  The piece is the work of South Australian artists Eliza Rudkin and Wesley Harrop.

In the words of Eliza, “the form of The Big E was derived from various site specific elements. Looking into the history of Main North Rd over the last 100 years, one aspect remained constant: a predominance of signage aimed toward traffic flowing in and out of the city. Main North Road is a major arterial road from the Northern suburbs of Adelaide to the CBD."

"Over the last hundred years signage in Adelaide has also taken the form of icons, which have become well known in the local community - for instance, the Windmill (now demolished) and Scotties Motel. The intention was to create a bold signature work for the council. Looking at the historical context of other local icons, it was clear that scale plays an important part. The sculpture is intended to be viewed whilst driving past at 60km/hr. Thus The Big E is made from one of the largest diameter industrial piping sections available in the market. The rusted steel tubing is reminiscent of that used for transporting underground utilities and services. The work symbolized the services breaking ground and twisting before returning back to the earth.  It is a signature for Enfield; a capital 'E' from above and a lowercase 'e' from the road. The use of the letter links into the heavy use of typography on the road. The Big E is not a static work, viewer movement and perception change as one passes by”.

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