Kilburn Local Area Traffic Management

Residents from that area of Kilburn bounded by Way St, Churchill Road, Leader St / Kitchener St and Prospect Road, would recall that Council distributed a questionnaire in December 2014, to determine the views of residents in relation to a Traffic Management Plan that was developed for the area.  The plan was developed in conjunction with a Committee of local street residents.  The questionnaire responses indicated good support for the plan.  Nonetheless some adjustments to the plan were made in the light of the comments received.  Subsequently, the Council approved the revised plan for implementation at the meeting held 14 April 2015.   


The development of the Kilburn Traffic Management Plan was initiated in 2013, due to the anticipated growth in traffic or changes in local traffic patterns, arising from the reconstruction of Churchill Road and the establishment of the Churchill Centre.  In general the changes in traffic conditions have now occurred.  Traffic surveys carried out across the area in March 2015 indicated that several streets have experienced a 50 - 100 percent increase in traffic as a result of these developments.  Overall, an additional 2200 vehicles per day (approx.) is now travelling through the area.  Traffic speeds have also increased in some instances.  Council will implement the approved plan to limit the impacts to residents living along these streets.

Traffic Management Plan

The following information provides some details as to the purpose of treatments in the plan:

  • Driveway Links provide for two way operation along a raised one lane section of road.  They are an effective treatment in discouraging  access by non-local traffic and limiting traffic speed;
  • Entry Thresholds are intended to highlight / reinforce the residential nature of a street but also discourage non-local through traffic and higher speeds, to a degree;
  • Roundabouts are a common treatment that is effective in reducing traffic speeds and reducing collisions

Council will be seeking to increase parking, relieve congestion and ensure safe conditions for all road users in the section of road adjacent St Brigid’s School and Peter McKay Reserve.

9 September 2014 Council Meeting - Report on SRC Committee Outcomes

14 April 2015 Council Meeting Report - Outcome of Area-wide Consultation

14 April 2015 Council Meeting - Resolution


The traffic management plan indicates both Stage 1 and other treatments.  Work on implementing all Stage 1 treatments began in May 2015 and are scheduled to be completed before June 2016. 

The need for other treatments will only be considered after the Stage 1 treatments have been implemented and assessed.  It is highlighted that the Stage 1 treatments will cause the redirection of traffic from some streets – that is the purpose of the treatments in most instances.  Should the traffic surveys indicate that the redirected traffic has diverted to other streets in the area, then other treatments in the plan will be considered for implementation. 

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Project Progress

Consultation and Concept Stage
STAGE 1 Detailed Design and Construction


Stage 1 - Detailed Design and Construction

  • 6 entry thresholds at either end of Way St, LeHunte St and Gladstone Ave completed
  • Pavement bar median on Horley Ave at the junction of Kitchener St completed
  • Construction of Kintore Ave/Brooklyn Tce driveway link Scheduled for early 2016
  • Construction of driveway links at Kintore Ave/Denver Tce scheduled for early 2016
  • Design and consultation of roundabout at Hopetoun Ave/Horley Ave complete by early 2016


Consultation and Concept Development

April 2015

  • "Kilburn Local Area Traffic Management Study" endorsed by Council Meeting 14/04/2015.

February - March 2015

  • Traffic survey undertaken.
  • Changes made to scheme in response to public consultation outcomes.

December 2014

  • Consultation with all Owners and Occupiers about broad scheme.

September 2014

  • "Kilburn Local Area Traffic Management Study" received and noted Council Meeting 09/09/2014.

August 2014

  • Street Resident Committee (SRC) Meeting:

  • Parking considerations reviewed. Street Resident Committee (SRC) and Scheme finalisation.

July 2014

  • Street Resident Committee (SRC) Meeting:
  • Parking considerations reviewed. 11/12/13 meeting Street Resident Committee (SRC) comments reviewed. General SRC scheme development.

June 2014

  • Street Resident Committee (SRC) Meeting:
  • Orientation, Traffic laws / options, Good Traffic Engineering Practice, discuss Local Road Hierarchy.
  • Preliminary treatment plan presented further to 20/3/14 outcomes. Preliminary streetscape concept for LeHunte St presented and discussed.
  • Way St streetscape concept presented and discussed. General SRC scheme development.

March 2014

  • Street Resident Committee (SRC) Meeting:
  • March 2014 - Treatment options reviewed – primary device preferences selected.General treatment locations discussed. Streetscape options discussed for LeHunte St and Way St.

December 2013

  • Public meeting held to initiate project and form SRC.

Project Gallery

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