North Haven Local Area Traffic Management

Residents of North Haven may be aware that the condition of the speed cushions along Klingberg Dr and Sir Keith Smith Dr have deteriorated over time.


Over the years Council has consulted residents of Klingberg Drive, Sir Keith Smith Drive and surrounding streets on the proposal to install speed control devices on Klingberg Drive and Sir Keith Smith Drive.  In 2004 Council resolved to install speed cushions, however the device has not been popular with residents, their condition has deteriorated considerably and residents have not found them to be as effective in reducing hoon behaviour.

Traffic Management Plan

Instead of replacing the speed cushions and as a result of extensive community feedback, Council is proposing to install 5 roundabouts and 2 centre blister islands; these devices are effective in reducing vehicle speeds.

A centre blister island is a relatively new traffic calming device in Port Adelaide Enfield. It is a concrete island positioned in the middle of a street. It has a wide oval shape that narrows the lanes, and can be used to provide pedestrians with a refuge.


Raised pavements – Klingberg Drive and Sir Keith Smith Drive, NORTH HAVEN

Following previous letter and questionnaire issued to residents in August 2015 about the proposed roundabouts and centre blister islands on Klingberg Drive and Sir Keith Smith Drive, the table below summarises the feedback received:

Total letters sent  898  
Total responses received  167  
Supporting the proposed devices  128   76.6%
Not supporting the proposed devices  17    10.2%
Prefer to replace the speed cushions  22    13.2%

With only 13% of the people responding to the survey preferring to replace the speed cushions; it is evident that most residents in North Haven are not in favour of the existing devices.
While the proposed roundabouts and centre blister islands had more than 76% support, the concerns expressed by people who do not support them need to be addressed.

The following concerns were raised:
• Roundabouts and blister islands will limit the ability of the house owners to use their driveways
• Roundabouts and blister islands will reduce parking
• Roundabouts will make it tight for towing a boat or caravan
• Blister islands and roundabouts will not be effective
• Blister islands are dangerous for cyclists

Based on the feedback received, Council is proposing to install raised pavements on Klingberg Drive and Sir Keith Smith Drive instead of roundabouts and blister islands. Indicative locations of the proposed raised pavements and examples of raised pavements are shown on next page. Note that further consultations will be undertaken with property owners immediately adjacent to the proposed raised pavements.

The benefits of raised pavements over blister islands and roundabouts are:
• No parking spaces lost
• Will not have any impact on access to properties
• Will have less impact on the movements of vehicles towing a boat or caravan
• Will not create a pinch point for cyclists

At its meeting on 9 February 2016 Council resolved that Council administration consults about the proposed raised pavements with residents on Klingberg Drive and Sir Keith Smith Drive which is currently being undertaken with a closing date of Monday 4th April 2016.

If you require additional information or would like to discuss this further please contact Yee-May Chang on telephone 8405 6888 or by email

Project Progress




August 2015
  • Public consultation letter and survey sent to effected residents

March 2016

  • Second public consultation letter and survey sent to effected residents


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