Broadview, Enfield and Clearview (South) Local Area Traffic Management Study

The LATM study for Enfield (South), Broadview and Clearview (South) was awarded to GHD in October 2015. The LATM study is bounded by Hampstead Road to the east, Regency Road to the south, Main North Road to the west and Branson Ave to the north.


At its meeting on 11 August 2015 Council resolved that an LATM scheme be undertaken for Broadview, Enfield (south) and Clearview (south).

The LATM meeting details the study area, the process to be undertaken and seeks to inform residents of the area of both traffic and parking concerns.

Ward Councillors (Cr Carol Martin, Cr Michael Iammarrone and Cr Peter McKay) have been instrumental in implementing the Enfield south LATM Scheme and also attend the public meetings.

Traffic Management Plan

The following measures had been undertaken by council administration and GHD:

  • Consultation letters sent to residents and property owners within the study area. Residents and property owners were asked to provide feedback on traffic related issues on their street and within the study area
  • Collection of traffic data including speed, volume and Origin-Destination data for identification of rat-running
  • Public meetings held at Enfield Community Centre to explain the objective of the study, and discuss issues with residents
  • Selection of Community Reference Group (CRG) as a steering group for the study
  • Liaison with DPTI for the options for cyclists crossing at the intersection of Regency Road and Galway Avenue
  • Meetings with CRG, SAPOL and Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) to identify traffic related issues and the development of a LATM scheme that best suit the needs of the area and being acceptable to the residents

Details of identified issues and discussions of devices chosen for individual streets are documented in GHD report. In summary, the LATM scheme proposes the following:

  • Removal of all existing angle slow points on Collins Street, Corconda Street, Watson Avenue and Markham Avenue due to the following reasons:
    • deteriorated conditions of the devices
    • the design no longer meet current standards
    • the devices are not spaced according to the standards
    • damages done by overgrown trees to council infrastructures and
    • residents comments on the ineffectiveness of the devices
  • Installation of raised intersection platforms, gull treatment, roundabouts and flat top road humps on Collins Street
  • Installation of roundabouts and flat top road humps on Corconda Street
  • Installation of flat top road humps on Markham Avenue and Blamey Avenue
  • Installation of raised intersection platforms on Beaven Avenue
  • Installation of bicycle friendly road humps on Robert Avenue
  • Installation of flat top road humps and driveway entry on Watson Avenue
  • Installation of solid median on Beaven Avenue and Tralee Avenue
  • Installation of painted median on George Street

Indicative locations and photographs of the proposed devices are as shown the Project Gallery.

Removal of the slow points may require removal of some street trees. Council’s Transport Team will work closely with Parks and Gardens Team to identify and endeavour to retain the significant trees if deemed safe for traffic operation.

Two options were developed by DPTI to improve safety for cyclists to cross Regency Road for continuation of the City- Levels Bikeway:

  1. A bicycle/ pedestrian crossing signal in between Beaven Avenue and Galway Avenue
  2. Fully signalising the T-intersection of Regency Road and Galway Avenue

Concept design of the proposed crossing signals are also available in the Project Gallery.

DPTI will consult with residents on the southern side of Regency Road, and council administration will consult with residents on the northern side of Regency Road as part of our proposed LATM scheme.

The LATM report can be found in the Project Gallery.

If you would like further information  regarding the Enfield South LATM Scheme, please contact the Traffic Engineer overseeing the project YeeMay Chang on 8405 6888 or via email


Stage 1 Project initialisation

  • August 2015 Council resolution to undertake a Local Area Traffic Management Plan (LATM) for Enfield (South), Broadview and Clearview (South)
  • October 2015 Consultation letters sent to occupiers and property owners within the study area to assist Council with the identification of traffic related issues

Stage 2 Development of the LATM scheme

  • November 2015 – April 2016
    • Review of feedback received
    • Collection and analysis of traffic data
    • Identification of issues
    • Liaison with Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) and SAPOL to develop a LATM scheme for the study area

Stage 3 Public consultation of the LATM scheme

  • June – August 2016
    • Consultation letters sent to occupiers and property owners within the study area regarding the proposed devices for the LATM scheme
    • Information session held to provide more information to residents

Stage 4 Detailed design

  • September 2016 – March 2017
    • Detailed design of the devices
    • Localised consultations withresidents directly affected

Stage 5 Constructions

  • Commence in December 2016
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