New Road Layout Proposal - Willochra Street, Largs North

In 2013, Council wrote to the property owners and residents along and in the vicinity of Willochra Street, Largs North about proposed changes to the streetscape. We also sought feedback on a proposal to run Road Trains along the road. At the time, Council proposed narrowing the main carriageway and constructing a one way service road for the properties along Willochra Street, separating access to those properties from the through traffic. From a public meeting at Council’s Depot on 28 May 2013, it was clear that the majority of the residents surrounding Willochra Street were opposed to the streetscape proposal.

Council has now reviewed the previous proposal and in response to resident feedback, has made changes to address the concerns raised. The proposed new layout is shown on the enclosed plans which is to;

• Narrow the main carriageway.
• Construct indented parking bays in front of the properties along Willochra Street to allow safer parking opportunities.
• Provide separate turning lanes at the Victoria Road intersection to minimize any congestion that may occur from waiting vehicles.
• Extend the verge areas along both sides of the road.
• Provide bike lanes on both sides of the road to provide recreational access to Snowdens Beach.
• Permit the use by Road Train type vehicles in a westbound direction only between Elder Road and Mildred Terrace and remove the access by all vehicles larger than a Semi-Trailer along the rest of Willochra Street.

At present, B-doubles are the largest vehicles permitted to use Willochra Street between Victoria Road and Elder Road in both directions, whereas Elder Road, Mildred Terrace and Victoria Road are all permitted for use by Road Trains. Please refer to the image below which highlights the difference between these vehicles.


Truck Comparison - Road Trains, B-Double

It is Councils’ understanding that Road Trains travelling north along Elder Road with the intention of accessing BP Australia or Kalari currently detach trailers and transport the two trailers separately along Willochra Street as semi-trailers. This means that three trips are made by a heavy vehicle when the same outcome could be achieved in one trip if the road permitted the use of a road train. Council is supportive of allowing road trains along Willochra Street as it would result in a reduction in the number of heavy vehicle movements on the road.

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