Lodging Houses

Lodging houses are accommodation that is let for the purpose of lodgings or board and occupied by more than five (5) persons which may also include occupants that share facilities (toilets, bathrooms, kitchens) for individual use (but does not include dwellings where the rent is shared). It does not include any building defined as a flat, motel, hotel, health care facility or premises licensed under the Supported Residential Facilities Act 1992.

All lodging houses within Council are licensed under By-law 6. The aim is to ensure that all lodging houses are maintained to a good clean standard of health and hygiene and to ensure that the residents are living within a safe physical environment.


Lodging houses are licensed annually by the Environmental Health Department. Please see below for an application form. Please be advised that the application to Council does not override any other Council requirements. It is recommended that contact be made with Council with respect to zoning restrictions, planning consent (if necessary) and other local regulations. Council carries out annual audits of each facility and a license fee is paid in accordance with the following scale:

  • Up to and including 9 persons - $238.70
  • 10-19 persons: - $360.00
  • 20-49 persons: - $475.90
  • 50-99 persons: - $597.60
  • Over 100 persons: - $1,196.20 

Please note that all fees are GST Exempt.


Allegations/complaints relating to the health and hygiene of lodging houses may be referred to an Environmental Health Department by lodging a Customer Request.

For further information on this topic, or if you have any questions, please call our helpful Customer Services team on 8405 6600 or email us at service@cityofpae.sa.gov.au.
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