Coast Park Shared Path Relocation at Semaphore (adjacent the Palais Hotel)

Council is seeking a solution to safety concerns resulting from conflicts over the shared path between people cycling and walking along the path and staff and patrons of The Palais Hotel. In response to a SafeWork SA investigation, Council closed the path to cyclists as an interim measure in 2013 by requiring them to dismount. Since then we have been developing temporary and permanent solutions in consultation with State Government, the Palais Hotel, and Bicycle Users.

Council initially developed an interim solution to modify the path in its existing location with barriers to separate Palais patrons from people cycling or walking on the path. This option required modification to the existing stone walls and changes to the entrances to the Palais areas on both sides of the path. This proposal which was expected to cost up to $100,000 took some time to design and was eventually abandoned due to its relative cost and visual and physical impact together with limited improvement to the safety concerns other than to slow people down and improve visibility. Council considered that for slightly more expense a better permanent solution could be developed.

Council considered that a safer and better permanent solution could be developed for only slightly higher cost.

Council organised a meeting in December 2015 with key stakeholders to discuss the shared path and consider options to resolve the current safety problem.

The Palais Hotel also plans to increase the use of the Marquee for functions which will in turn vastly increase the safety concerns of the path users in the area between the Hotel and Marquee in the near future. Alternatively they are prepared to demolish the marquee and create a new function space on the east side of the path. Hence they proposed an alternative option for the shared path realignment.

Considering the above, Council has now developed concept plans for four options for the relocation of the shared path. We are seeking feedback from the community and path users about these options. Tell us what you think.

Option 1- Boardwalk Bypass around the Marquee Function Building

Option 1- Boardwalk Bypass around the Marquee Function Building

This option proposes building a new boardwalk bypass around the existing Marquee. The boardwalk is proposed to be made from durable decking on a steel frame with concrete footings. This option could include either timber or stainless steel railings and handrails. Viewing areas towards the beach could be provided for cyclists, people with disabilities or people pushing prams with this option.

This option is the most expensive option and will require construction of a boardwalk on the western side of the Marquee. The boardwalk will have less impact on the dune area that the other options proposed. The boardwalk will not be accessible by any vehicles and will be more expensive to maintain than the other options.

Option 2 - New Widened Path between the Palais Hotel and the Marquee Function Building

Option 2 - New Widened Path between the Palais Hotel and the Marquee Function Building

This option moves the path slightly west, closer to the Marquee from its current location against the Palais Hotel. It involves expensive modification to the Marquee Roof guy wires and removal of the existing deck and stone wall.

While this option moves the shared path away from the main Hotel doors, it does not necessarily resolve the conflict issue between people cycling and walking on the path and Palais staff and patrons. It may actually increase conflict at the Marquee side of the path. This option has the least impact on the existing coast park.

Option 3 - New Built Up Path around the Marquee Function Building

Option 3 - New Built Up Path around the Marquee Function Building

This option involves construction of an engineered sand and asphalt path around the western side of the existing Marquee. This design which is similar to other sections of the path (e.g. at Largs North) includes landscaped batters (slopes) on either side. This option does not require handrails and is the most natural looking treatment proposed. It is relatively low cost and low maintenance and will allow access by Council maintenance vehicles if required. This option does not include handrails or viewing areas but provides the most unobstructed views for all users.

This option involves construction on the western side of the Marquee. The new native plantings will be planted either side of the path and protected against the wind until mature.

Option 4 - Demolish Marquee Function Building and build a new path in its place

Option 4 - Demolish Marquee Function Building and build a new path in its place

This option involves complete removal of the existing marquee and construction of a new path roughly in line with the western edge of the existing deck. The new path would be compacted engineered sand and asphalt pavement with battered edges with native plantings on the batter and a low landscaping buffer on the Palais side. No handrails are proposed. This option also involves extension of the existing Palais Hotel westwards to recreate the space lost from the demolition of the Marquee.

This option removes the conflicts and congestion as experienced on the existing path. It results in a visually open path with minimal maintenance. It also involves minimal diversion for path users and will replace the existing Marquee.

There is currently no agreement as to how this option would be funded. If this option is chosen, Council, Department of Environment Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) as the land owners, and the Palais Hotel would need to negotiate on the costs and contribution by each party.


If you would like to provide feedback on these options please complete the attached online survey or send email

Survey Link:

Written Feedback forms are also available at the

  • Council Offices 163 St Vincent Street
  • or the Semaphore Library , Semaphore Road

Submissions close 12 February 2017.

If you need any more information please contact us on 8405 6600.


Why not just continue to ban cyclists?

The path is part of the 70 km Coast Park shared path. It forms an important link in this cycling and walking route. The path is also the only continuous footpath along the western side of the Esplanade.

How will the project be funded?

Council has allocated $300,000 for construction of the new path. Depending on the option chosen there may be savings or additional funds may be required. Option 4 will require funding contribution from the Palais and /or DEWNR (Department of Environment Water and Natural Resources - the owners of the Palais building).

How will the final option be chosen?

Council will review submissions received and consider these along with costs and pros and cons of each option. We will also be talking to Coast Protection Board, neighbouring businesses and Cycling associations about their preferences for the path and its environs.

Where can I see the options in more detail?

Plans will be available for viewing at the Semaphore Library or the Civic Centre at Port Adelaide. If you need additional information please call 8405 6600 during office hours and ask to speak to someone in the Transport Team.

How can I provide feedback?

By completing the attached survey or by emailing Council at

When will a decision be made?

Council plans to review all of the submissions and feedback and consider the options at its March 2017 Council meeting. Depending on the option chosen, detailed design will follow with construction likely to be completed in the 2017/18 financial year.

For further information on this topic, or if you have any questions, please call our helpful Customer Services team on 8405 6600 or email us at
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