Final Notification of 2017 Traffic Management Scheme Consultation – Lurline Avenue and Dally Road, GILLES PLAINS

In February 2017, Council has sent out public consultation letters to directly affected residents along Lurline Avenue and Dally Road and other residents close to the subject streets. Other community outside of the direct consultation area was also invited to provide feedback through Council’s surveymonkey link.

Thank you for your support and valuable feedback during the Public Consultation.

We received 126 feedback responses (13.4% of 938 letters) about the proposed Traffic Management Scheme – Lurline Avenue and Dally Road, GILLES PLAINS.

Community feedback received was very supportive of the draft Scheme (53.6%) whilst 30.4% of responses were still supportive with changes.

The most preferred type of road hump is a flat top hump with 55.1% of total responses whilst Watt’s Profile hump was preferred by 22.5% of total respondents.

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the final Traffic Management Scheme that has been approved for construction by Council (Refer to File Attachment below):

  • Remove all 11 existing single-lane angled slow points along Lurline Avenue (9 points) and Dally Road (4 points) – shown yellow on the attachment.
  • Install new traffic calming devices, i.e. 11 flat top humps and two raised T-intersections in total – shown red and green on the attachment.

Council will undertake localised consultation with the residents of adjacent properties as part of the detailed design process and plan to complete construction of the proposed Scheme in 2017/2018.

Council will continue to monitor traffic safety in this area before and after the implementation of the Scheme.

If you require additional information or would like to discuss this further please contact me on 8405 6600 or by email to

Why is a New Traffic Management Scheme Required?

The existing traffic calming devices (i.e. wide Single-Lane Angled Slow Points, 1½ lane) along Lurline Avenue and Dally Road were installed in 1991 in response to high traffic speed and a number of large vehicles cutting through Lurline Avenue, Gilles Plains.

Since then, Council has received ongoing traffic safety enquiries about the single-lane angled slow points along Lurline Avenue and Dally Road.

The proposed Scheme is aimed at mitigating traffic safety concerns whilst providing traffic calming functions along these roads.

What Type and How Many Road Crashes Were Involved?

Lurline Avenue crash data between Grand Junction Road and North East Road

Total Crashes Casualties Hit fixed object Head on
(At slow points)
Roll over
8 2 5 2 1

Source of road crash data in 2011~2015, DPTI

Existing Traffic Condition

As a Residential Minor Collector Road, Lurline Avenue carried an average volume of 1,178~1,315 vehicles per day and average speed of 37.1~42.3km/h in 2016/2017. It provides direct access to properties and connection between the other streets in that community area. Other streets intersecting with Lurline Avenue function as local streets.

Based on traffic survey data, Lurline Avenue and other streets are operating within an acceptable range for a typical residential street environment in relation to traffic volume and speed.

Two parallel North-South links with Lurline Avenue, Blacks Road (6,130 vehicles per day) and Wandana Avenue (6,193 vehicles per day) are also operating within an acceptable range for traffic volume and speed environment as Sub-Arterial/Major Collector Roads in the broader network.

How/What Type of Traffic Calming Devices was Selected?

In accordance with current traffic technical guidelines, a number of possible options were reviewed with respect to:

  • The existing and potential driveways, and industrial traffic usage of Lurline Avenue in the vicinity of North East Road
  • Existing infrastructure impact, e.g. stormwater side entry pits, other services
  • Existing traffic condition and behaviour, i.e. hourly traffic volume and speed

With regard to the above considerations, a series of road humps has been determined to be the most appropriate remedial traffic calming devices in combination with raised pavement T-intersections along Lurline Avenue and Dally Road.

Example Photos of Selected Traffic Calming Devices


Raised Pavement at Intersection

Raised Pavement at Intersection

Flat Top Hump

Flat Top Hump

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