Future of the former collection of the Enfield and Districts Historical Society Inc

Council is undertaking public consultation around the future of the former collection of the Enfield and Districts Historical Society Inc. which had a museum located on Council land at Sunnybrae Estate.

At its ordinary meeting on the 12th of September 2017, Council resolved to conduct stakeholder engagement and public consultation around the future of the Museum collection. This consultation is being conducted in conjunction with the State Government.

Further Information

What is the history of the museum?

The Museum is housed in buildings originally forming part of the Islington Sewerage Farm, the first water-borne sewerage treatment plant in South Australia established in 1882-84. The Museum buildings are part of a larger complex of buildings associated with managing the Sewerage Farm, all of which are listed on the State Heritage Register. The buildings and land are now known as Sunnybrae Estate and are operated by a leasehold commercial tenant as a wedding venue and function centre.

The Museum opened 1 January 1996.

The museum closed in 2011.

The museum is currently in buildings which are excluded from the leased area of the commercial tenant.

Who operated the museum?

The Museum was operated by the Enfield and Districts Historical Society Inc. until 2011. The Society ceased to exist in 2012.

Thereafter the museum collection came to be owned by the operator of Sunnybrae Estate. His widow donated the collection to Council following his death shortly after.

Does Council own the collection?

The current situation of the ownership of the collection is complex. Council has possession of the collection, but possibly no legal title. Council staff are attempting to resolve this situation.

Why does the collection have to be removed from the site?

Council does not own the land. The land is owned by the State Government and has been under Council’s care and control since 1982.

The State Government is planning to sell the land, with Council’s consent, to the operator of Sunnybrae Estate. It is envisaged that a significant development, sympathetic with the heritage of site, will take place, expanding the function centre and creating many new jobs – if the sale goes ahead.

Unfortunately, that means that the collection can no longer remain at the site, and alternative arrangements need to be made.

What are Council’s plans for the museum and collection?

Council is currently going through a process to decide what to do with the collection.

An expert historian has reviewed the collection for Council.

Council is consulting with the community and with other stakeholders to try to gather any information relevant to making a decision.

Council expects to make a decision regarding the future of the museum and collection by the end of 2017.


Tell Us What You Think?

Please contact Kym Jackson on 8405 6600 or kym.jackson@portenf.sa.gov.au for more information or to give any feedback. Please ensure any submissions are sent to Council by Friday 13th October 2017.

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