Mariners Park Community Consultation

Mariners Park is a local community park located in Courageous Way, North Haven, and has been enjoyed by residents and visitors for over 20 years.

Mariners Park is approximately 1 hectare in size, including open space areas and one of 126 playgrounds that are located throughout the Council region for community use.

In 2016, the playground was upgraded at a cost of $195,000. However upon completion of the upgrade, Council became aware of concerns around the extent of community engagement, together with the impact of the playground on residents closest to it. As a result, Council staff met with several families immediately adjacent to the site to discuss these concerns.

Particular concerns were raised about privacy and noise issues associated with the new playground.

At its September 2017 meeting, Council considered both a deputation with concerns from impacted residents, and a report from staff that proposed a number of options for the playground.

At the September meeting, Council subsequently voted to relocate the playground equipment to a suitable site to be approved by Council and the community.

At the November 2017 Council meeting, other community members presented a deputation about their concerns for the proposed relocation of the playground.

As a result Council then decided not to relocate the playground at this stage, and to hold a workshop to discuss and assess alternatives to address the issues raised by the community.  Council will consult further with the community about options for its location or whether there are other ways to provide play equipment in this location in a way that minimises the impact for the closest residents.  

We acknowledge this is a complex situation and one where the process has been protracted and difficult for residents in the area, as we continue to seek a solution that meets most needs of the community.  

To that end, we are engaging an independent community facilitator who can work and liaise with the community, and help us to reach the best solution for all the people who live in close proximity to the park.  We expect this work to commence in mid January.

We ask that everyone respects the views of all members of our community for this complex issue, and understand that all views will be considered and discussed before a decision is made about the future of Mariners Park.

Further information and contact details for comments will be posted once an independent community facilitator has been appointed.  In the meantime if you have questions, please call Council on 8405 6600.

For further information on this topic, or if you have any questions, please call our helpful Customer Services team on 8405 6600 or email us at
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