Urban Renewal Kilburn/Blair Athol

We advised residents earlier this year that the proposed urban renewal of Kilburn and Blair Athol includes a $6 million upgrade of stormwater facilities and a new open space in the Kilburn Blair Athol area.

The first part of these works will be the construction of new stormwater infrastructure in Marmion Avenue from the Kilburn Open Channel Drain (between Tyne and Nelson Street) to Main North Road.

We'll be starting work in late January 2018 in Marmion Avenue from the Open Channel Drain to Prospect Road and continuing east of Prospect Road in March/April 2019. The project will take up to 12 months to complete.

We're really excited that we'll be upgrading and expanding open space at Rushworth Reserve including a new basin to further improve stormwater management in the area. The details are still to be determined and we will be seeking community input early in the New Year.

The stormwater upgrade on Marmion Avenue will include the installation of a new concrete culvert on the northern side of the road. This will require the removal of the existing kerb which means there will be restricted access to driveways. This will be kept to a minimum and we will make sure there is regular communication from our works crew (and via VMS boards on site) so residents know what's happening and when it’s happening.

Please see attached for further detail on the proposed works including a translation into Dari.

گر شما قصد مشاهده این مکتوب به لسان دری را دارید بالای لینک ذیل کلیک نمایید.

(Please click on the link below if you wish to see this letter in Dari)

Frequently Asked Questions

What section of Marmion Avenue will be upgraded?
Council will undertake the stormwater infrastructure work starting from the Kilburn Open Channel west of Prospect Road and ends at Main North Road. Further information on updates of the works including details and timing will be updated regularly.

What is the construction timeframe?
Council expects the works to be completed within 10-12 months depending on weather and unknown circumstances. The first section of works will be from the channel to Prospect Road and will begin in late January/early February 2018 with this section anticipated to take 6-8 weeks to complete.

What are the working hours?
Work will be undertaken during weekdays from 7am to 5pm. Night works may be undertaken at the Prospect Road and Main North Road Intersections to avoid heavy traffic times.

How long will I be affected during construction?
Construction of the stormwater infrastructure is usually undertaken with sections at a time. It is currently proposed that the work zone area will be 100 metres at a time so there will be short periods where access to driveways will be restricted to accommodate. However, we will minimise this inconvenience as much as possible and our work crew will be in constant communication regarding timing and impact of works.

Will I get access to my driveway?
For safety reasons, access to driveway for vehicles may be restricted while the work is undertaken in front of your property. This restriction could take up to 3 nights and will be assessed on a daily basis based on site safety conditions.

What is the nature of the work undertaken?
A new concrete culvert within a new trench will be installed on the northern side of Marmion Avenue. This will require closure of part of the road to accommodate.

Who should I contact if need assistance onsite?
Once construction has begun, Nick Boumis, Council’s Construction Engineer will be the point of contact. Nick can be contacted on 8405 6741.

I have special needs, what should I do?
If you have some disability or special needs that may be impacted by the works, please contact council immediately so we can accommodate your needs.

How will this affect my property?
There should be no impact to your property during and after the work.

Why are Council undertaking these works?
The Marmion Avenue Diversion Drain Project was recommended as part of the North Arm East Stormwater Management Plan recently endorsed by key stakeholders. This strategic stormwater management document was produced to identify opportunities to reduce the frequency and impact of flooding in the community. The Marmion Avenue Diversion Drain was identified as an opportunity to greatly reduce stormwater flooding and considered a priority project.

Will this reduce flooding in my street?
The Marmion Avenue Diversion Drain Project will assist in reducing localised flooding along and near Marmion Avenue. However the main benefit of the project will be the reduction in potential flooding along Grand Junction Road and Baker Street Enfield and the Industrial areas to the North in Gepps Cross.

Will Marmion Avenue look any different when the work is completed?
Associated with the stormwater infrastructure upgrade will be the implementation of a streetscape upgrade of Marmion Avenue which will include tree planting in the next tree planting season following the completion of the entirety of the works. The new stormwater infrastructure will not be visible in the street. If you live in Marmion Avenue, you might have other ideas about what makes your street great, or what could make it better. Let us know at the site meeting or throughout the upgrade.

For further information on this topic, or if you have any questions, please call our helpful Customer Services team on 8405 6600 or email us at service@cityofpae.sa.gov.au.
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