Heritage Grants

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield, through its Heritage Grant Program aims to encourage owners of Local Heritage Places and Contributory Items to maintain, conserve or restore places of local significance.


Please read the Grant Guidelines carefully before applying. Many documents on this site are displayed as PDF files. If you have problems accessing, reading or understanding these documents please contact us on 8405 6972.
Heritage Grant Guidelines
Heritage Building Works Guidelines
PAE Heritage Conservation Register - a list of contractors who may be able to help
Department for Environment and Water Register of Heritage Trades and Consultants


This is an annual program that generally opens in March for approximately 6 weeks. Applications for this program go to Council's Grants & Sponsorship Committee in May and we expect to notify you by the end of June following Council's budget being endorsed.

Applications for 2019 funding round are now CLOSED.
For any queries please contact Council on 8405 6600. Future Funding rounds will be posted here.
What Funding options are there?

Depending on the demand for assistance and funds available for the respective financial year, a maximum of 50% of the value of completed work, not to exceed $3,000 in any one financial year may be approved.

Eligibility & Assessment criteria

You must be the owner of a property listed in PAE's Development Plan that is either a Local item or Contributory Place. The value of work must exceed $1,000 and be conservation work to the exterior of the building that has a visible impact from the street to be eligible to apply. Please see the grant guidelines for ineligible applications.

If you application is eligible, Council's Heritage Advisor will evaluate how the proposed works fit with the below priority levels and your application will be ranked accordingly.


Priority Level



Local Heritage Place

A Local Heritage Place is designated generally after a Heritage Survey. The listings are generally based upon satisfying Development Act Section 23(4) Criteria, which can include the whole building and setting.  Local Heritage Places are listed in the Council’s Development Plan.


Contributory Place (Required structural work)

With Contributory Places, contribution to historic streetscape character is the main consideration.  Category 1 can be ascribed to Contributory Places where due to structural condition; an aspect of the contribution may be lost; for example, chimneys and verandahs in poor structural condition. Restumping was considered of structural importance because without restumping the Contributory Place may be lost.


Contributory Place (Significant streetscape)

A number of the recommendations in this category related to less urgent structural works, but those that would have a powerful impact on streetscape contribution.


Contributory Place (less urgent and medium streetscape impact)

A number of the recommendations in this category, while important, were not considered as urgent or as having the degree of streetscape impact offered by Categories 2 and 3.


Contributory Place (not urgent with low streetscape impact)

A number of the recommendations in this category, while important, were not considered as urgent or as having the degree of streetscape impact offered by Categories 2, 3 and 4


Local and Contributory Place (minor or non-urgent)

The proposed works, while eligible were not considered to be as urgent, compared to the higher categories.


Contributory Place (minor)

Recommendations in this category, while of importance, were considered to be of a minor nature that was close to being routine maintenance.


Not eligible for funding

Does not meet the criteria for funding.

How to apply

You are will need to have an onsite appointment with Council's Heritage Advisor prior to starting an application. Please call Council's Development Services to make an appointment on 8405 6605. Council's Heritage Advisor is only available on Tuesdays. To apply click on the Online Grant Application Forms button below to register your details and submit an online application form. Only when the round is open can you start an application. Prior to preparing your application please read the Heritage Grants Guidelines and the Heritage Grants Building Works Guidelines.

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If you need to talk to someone about your grant application please contact one of Council's friendly
Funding & Partnerships Officers on (08) 8405 6748 or by email at grants@cityofpae.sa.gov.au

Success Stories

In 2018 Council supported:

  • $3,000 to restore original stonework
  • $3,000 to restore original roof and repair front verandah
  • $2,942.50 to restore original chimneys and reinstate original facade
For further information on this topic, or if you have any questions, please call our helpful Customer Services team on 8405 6600 or email us at service@cityofpae.sa.gov.au.
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