Project Grants

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield, through its Project Grant Program aims to support not-for-profit community groups and organisations with projects that foster individual and community wellbeing for PAE residents.


Please read the grant guidelines carefully before applying. Many documents on this site are displayed as PDF files. If you have problems accessing, reading or understanding these documents please contact us on 8405 6882.
Project Grants Guidelines


Applications can be submitted when funding rounds are open. There will be two assessment periods per year during April and October. We aim to notify you within six weeks following the closing dates. Opening and closing dates are listed below.

Applications for Community Projects
OPEN Monday, 6 January 2020
CLOSE 3pm Friday 27 March 2020
What Funding options are there?

Applicants can apply for up to a maximum of $7,500 in any 12 month period. The total funding pool adopted by Council for the Community Projects in the 2019/20 financial year is $68,000.

Eligibility & Assessment criteria

Only a not-for-profit incorporated group or legal entity with comparable status providing a community wellbeing outcome for PAE residents are eligible to apply. Please see our guidelines for ineligible applications.





The application clearly identifies how it will foster individual and community wellbeing in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield.



The application clearly identifies how it contributes to one or more of the following within the City of Port Adelaide Enfield:

  • A prosperous economy
  • Our natural environment and heritage
  • Places where people love to be
  • Capable community leaders



The application demonstrates evidence and/or clear reasons for why the project is important for the City of Port Adelaide Enfield.



The application outlines a plan for delivery – including engagement of target audience and, consideration of risk



The application outlines the evaluation of the project - including did you achieve what you set out to achieve, what did you learn and what would you change for next time.



The application outlines matched funding, in kind support or partner contribution (financial and in kind)



The application demonstrates consideration for increasing accessibility for marginalised and/or disadvantaged groups.




How to apply

We provide an online application tool to help you prepare and submit your application. It's available via the Apply Now button below. Support or access to computers and the internet can be provided if required.

This is not a capital works or equipment grant program. Please apply for an Equipment Grant if you are requesting funding solely for capital works or equipment.

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If you need to talk to someone about your grant application, which is highly recommended please contact Marissa Payne, Council's Funding & Partnerships Officer on (08) 8405 6882 or by email at

Success Stories

CK Community Hub (previously known as Cottage Kitchen) were approved $3,595 to deliver a creative art project that will engage people experiencing mental health challenges in photography and watercolour painting workshops with exhibitions to be held during SALA in August 2019.

Junction Community Centre were approved $6,466 to establish a multicultural community choir to bring isolated people together and encourage cross cultural relationships.

Second Chances SA were approved $7,500 to support children of prisoners in the PAE region to attend camps where young people are mentored and engaged in activities which build their sense of positive value, with the aim of diverting them from entering the juvenile justice system.

Caribbean Association of South Australia were approved $6,259 to deliver an after school music program from the Parks Library to engage disadvantaged and disengaged young people.

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