Events Grant Program

 We are reviewing and updating our approach to funding events in our community. This will help us: 

  • ensure there is consistency across our grant programs
  • make the application process simpler, and make it easier for applicants to understand their eligibility and the criteria by which their applications will be assessed
  • make the funding of events smoother and more efficient
  • create  opportunities to better support a more diverse range of events across the whole of the City of PAE
  • better meet the changing needs and interests of our community
  • support a program of diverse and dynamic events

In the first stage of this review, we are aiming to launch a new Events Grant Program in 2020.  A later review stage will focus on a new Sponsorship Model for flagship events.

Here is the Summary of proposed changes

Here is a draft set of new Events Grant Guidelines which include all the proposed changes.

The new guidelines would replace the existing Sponsorship - General/ Major Events Policy

We strongly encourage you to provide feedback on the proposed changes and the new draft guidelines by completing the online survey below and/or by contacting Council’s Funding & Partnerships Officer on 8405 6972 or

The survey is open from Thursday 1 August and closes on Saturday 31 August 2019.

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Events Grant Program Changes Survey
Please rate your support for each proposed program change on a scale from 1 to 5 where 1 means I strongly do not support or agree and 5 means I strongly support or agree
1. The proposed Events Grant objectives are clearly articulated in the guidelines.
2. All Council’s event funding will be consolidated into a single Events Grant program.
3. The total cost of the event will determine its maximum funding allocation.
4. A grant funding cap of no more than 50% of the total cost for any event (to a maximum amount of $15,000) will be implemented.
5. The revised eligibility criteria will enable a wider range of event organisers to apply.
6. A constantly open (until fully expended) rolling grant round will give more flexibility to event organisers.
7. The application timeframes will give applicants the opportunity to plan their event and secure other funding sources.
8. A quick turnaround, staff-led, assessment and notification process will improve the application experience for event organisers.
9. Assessment criteria are clearly articulated and will support consistency within the assessment and decision-making process.
10. The introduction of a sunset clause of maximum 5 years funding will enable Council to support a diverse program of community events.
If you would like to provide comments on any aspect of the new draft guidelines please do so in the space to the right
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