Major Projects

Council is committed to developing our City as a major centre of economic activity, along with a safe, clean, healthy and attractive environment.

In order to create spaces that enable people to live, work and enjoy their local area, various placemaking and redevelopment projects have been undertaken in public spaces - these include parks, reserves, streetscapes, and road networks.

As part of these major development projects, Council seeks to:

  • Develop relationships with key developers, State and Federal Government Agencies, and community groups
  • Lobby the State Government for appropriate development of government-owned land
  • Contribute Council funding and resources to the development projects.

In this section (and sidebar) you can find information about:

  • Current Projects - where Council is undertaking a project or making a financial contribution
  • Past Projects - where Council has completed a placemaking project
  • Development Projects - where projects in the Council area have been delivered by other parties.
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