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The aim of our Partnership Grant program is to support the delivery of significant projects that improve community health and wellbeing. Projects should demonstrate the collaboration of key stakeholders and be delivered through partnership between the funded organisation(s) and Council.

We are seeking to support high-quality partnerships that address specific community needs in one or more of the following areas of focus:

  • Social Connections
    Projects that assist people in Port Adelaide Enfield be more socially connected delivered through a partnership with Council to help individuals or cohorts of individuals extend their social connections and/ or grow communities which are more socially connected and cohesive across ages, life stages and cultures.
  • Safety
    Projects that partner with Council and develop practical solutions that help people in Port Adelaide Enfield feel safer about where they live.
  • Welcoming City
    Projects that make Port Adelaide Enfield a Welcoming City to all and support our efforts to be a Welcoming City particularly in the areas of job readiness, civic participation and learning and skills development.


Expressions of Interest can be submitted when the funding round is open. We aim to notify you within four weeks following the closing dates. The second stage takes a little longer and is by invitation only. The Grants & Sponsorships Committee will meet on 26 May 2020 to consider full proposals and notification is expected to follow.

Applications for our 2020 round of Community Partnerships are now closed.


Please read the Grant Guidelines carefully before applying. Many documents on this site are displayed as PDF files. If you have problems accessing, reading or understanding these documents please contact Marissa Payne on 0414 014 250.

Partnership Grants Guidelines(PDF, 1002.9 KB)

Partnership Proposal Specifications(PDF, 202.85 KB)

What Funding options are there?

Eligible applicants can apply for up to $25,000 for funding that clearly demonstrate a clear partnership with Council and alignment to one or more focus area. Only projects with exceptional merit will be awarded full funding amount. In some cases successful applicants may receive a percentage of the total sought rather than the full amount of funding. If your project cannot proceed without full funding, this should be indicated in your application. All agreements will initially be for 1 year

Eligibility & Assessment criteria

Only not-for-profit incorporated groups or legal entity with comparable status providing community wellbeing outcomes are eligible. Please see guidelines for ineligible applicants.

There is a two-step process involved in assessing Partnership grants. Firstly, we will call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) where applicants are invited to provide a general overview of their proposal. Please submit your EOI via the Apply Now link below. The EOI eligibility criterion is as follows:

Stage 1- EOI Consideration


1 The applicant is a not-for-profit incorporated group or legal entity with comparable status.
2 The applicant has provided recent audited financial statement.
The partnership demonstrates clear community wellbeing outcomes.
The applicant clearly identifies why a partnership with Council is important for both Council and the applicant.
The applicant has clearly provided their organisation’s goals.
6 The applicant outlines the goals of the partnership relating to at least one of the focus areas.
The applicant identifies matched funding or in kind support or partner contribution (financial and in kind).

Applicants moving through to the next stage will be invited to put forward a more detailed proposal. Please note that an invitation to submit a proposal does not guarantee funding. The decision of awarding funding will be made by Council's Grants & Sponsorship Committee, with input from Council staff. The Committee is provided with a summary of each proposal and will assess them against the following criteria:

Stage 2 - Proposal Assessment

1 The proposal clearly identifies how it will foster individual and community wellbeing in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield. 40%

The proposal clearly identifies how it contributes to one or more of the following within the City of Port Adelaide Enfield:

  • A prosperous economy
  • Our natural environment and heritage
  • Places where people love to be
  • Capable community leaders

Address specific community need*

  • Social Connections
  • Safety
  • Welcoming City
4 The proposal outlines a plan for delivery – Please see proposal specifications. 5%
5 The proposal outlines an evaluation plan – Please see proposal specifications. 10%
6 The proposal outlines matched funding or in kind support or partner contribution (financial and in kind). 5%
7 The proposal outlines a communication plan – Please see proposal specifications. 5%
8 The proposal demonstrates the ongoing non-financial contribution Council can provide to the project. 5%

*From time to time Council may request applications address specific community needs eg. Family violence. Weighting may be adapted accordingly. Based on feedback from our recent Community Perception Survey and our commitment towards being a Welcoming City, this year Council is requesting partnerships address one or more of the following areas of focus (1) Social Connections (2) Safety and/or (3) Welcoming City.

How to apply

We provide an online application tool to help you prepare and submit your application. It's called SmartyGrants and it's available via the Apply Now button below. If you're a new user, you will need to start by registering a new account. Once registered and logged in you will be redirected to the "Before you Begin" page where you can start your application.

Applicants can only apply online when funding rounds are open. Support or access to computers and the internet can be provided if required.

SmartyGrants Apply Now Image

If you need to talk to someone about your grant application please contact our friendly Funding & Partnerships Officer on 8405 6600 or by email at

Success Stories


Reclink delivers, connects and supports people experiencing complex disadvantaged and social exclusion through active participation in sport and art programs. Individuals who would typically benefit have a disability or have barriers as a result of poor mental health, drug abuse, offending, homelessness or social isolation. Reclink utilises or converts their attraction and enjoyment of sport, recreation and leisure into education and employment outcomes. This partnership is a grass roots community development and holistic approach to improving community well-being. This project has significant alignment with Council's Sports Development Plan by providing a necessary link between the social service and sport sectors through programs that encourage participants to eventually move into mainstream sport, recreation and leisure.

Media Resource Centre

MRC has a strong community focus. They play an active role in building well-being, both in social capital and economic wealth, through community media projects. Community storytelling is powerful not only via the stories but also the dynamic process which builds connectivity through the sharing of personal stories and from the camaraderie arising from the challenge of learning new skills. Stories From My Neighbourhood which will make (over three years) 15 mini-documentaries about local streets and neighbourhoods in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield. This project has significant synergies with the Community Development teams Good Neighbours work, which aims to build connections, at the local level, between neighbours in order to reduce social isolation, build community capacity and enhance individual and community wellbeing. It also contributes to the teams work around improving perceptions of safety at the local level. Mini-documentaries will be used as a source of inspiration to other neighbourhoods the team will work with, used by Council's communications team for a variety of purposes, and shown in full at a celebratory event linked to Neighbour Day.