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About the Project

The Mudlangga to Yertabulti Track involves 16 signs and 8 special nodes around Port Adelaide and the Lefevre Peninsula

If you're planning to travel the Track (drive or cycle, it's a bit too far to walk), take a copy of the brochure, which is also available at the City of Port Adelaide Enfield council offices and the Port Adelaide Visitor Information Centre, read the background material provided on this website ... and enjoy finding out more about an ancient and enduring culture that has much to teach Australian society. 

The content of this site and the information sheets have been gathered with permission from the stories told to our researchers.

"We have been living in this Port Adelaide area since time began. Most of our stories fit into the environment of Port Adelaide: the way we lived, the way we hunted and gathered and the way our stories protected our way of life. The group who lived in this area had cultural responsibilities to the area and were steadfast to the way they lived in it: when we could hunt and fish and gather mussels; how we would track the animals and how we lived in our communities; when it was right for men and women's business to happen; and when there were seasonal reasons to move from one camp to another."
Pat Waria-Read

"We're a peaceful people, that's where we come from. 6000 years of a peace law governing you, you negotiate, that's what you do."
Georgina Williams


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