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Spirituality is the substance of who we are as Aboriginal people.

"When I was living in Pt. Pearce Mission, my mother and all our oldies would tell us that if we didn't go to bed at 8:30 the black skirt would come and get us. The black skirt was an evil spirit and would take us away from our families. So at 8:30 all of us kids would stop playing on the plantation and go home to bed. No-one would want to be caught out by the black skirt. For us on Point Pearce Mission these stories were real. We knew when kadaitchas - traditional lore men - were in our community and we would stay in our homes until they left. Aboriginal people were aware of these men through our knowledge and stories of tribal customs, and what we have been told by our elders and clan groups.  Our spirituality, identity and culture are linked to these stories. Spirituality is the substance of who we are as Aboriginal people."
Pat Waria-Read