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Other Forms of Activism

Aboriginal people have been fighting to retain their culture and traditions.

"There was an Aboriginal Information Centre in Port Adelaide at one stage, it was helping Aboriginal people to get connected to activism and politics."
Georgina Williams

"The Aboriginal Parents and Friends Association was started in a hall in Dale St in about 1982, down the Commercial Road end - on the corner of Marryatt St, directly behind the pub. I remember that my grandmother's son Billy was one of the main drivers of the centre and his wife Phyllis was there. It was a meeting place where people would come if they had issues, they had pool table and coffee facilities. Back then there were a lot of sympathetic non-Indigenous people who helped out."
Mary Williams

"I've spoken mainly about the men but there were a lot of women who did a lot of things in Port Adelaide. Port Adelaide wasn't established just by white people. A lot of the work - ketches, big ships, groceries - a lot of work was done by Aboriginal people. They were good workers, good contributors, good drinkers, good fighters."
Tauto Sansbury

"The importance of women was that we had women of high degree, venerated, women were quietly doing everything, food foraging - that was constant all the time to feed everyone, while the males were maintaining the song places and what they meant. That fed down to everyone and it was a part of our identity."
Georgina Williams