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Racism and Removal

Racism is real but experienced in many different ways.

"The first Aboriginal people after white settlement died of shock, not all died of disease.  They took away our systems, they interfered with our songlines and it affected our brains and our ability to maintain our ways. It's the same as bombing a city; we were disoriented, and had to pull ourselves back together."
Georgina Williams

"Our people (Adams and Edwards) were from here and Point Pearce. We lost a lot of our stories, back then we were busy adapting. There was no continuum in our culture, we were struggling to adapt from where we came from to where we were."
Mary Williams

"In the old days I'd be driving and if a police car saw me, they'd pull me up. Every time. Although there was one old policeman on a push bike who would come and have a cup of tea with us and talk about things and sort it out. So there were good and bad police. It has changed, now I can get a ride in a police car any time - they totally look after me."
Josie Agius


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