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Social Events and Entertainment

Music, dance and fun times.

"One of the ways we socialised with each other was to hold card games. It was a social night. The person who put on the card game had to supply food, provide cards, and would take some out of the pot money for electricity and for the running of the house. So all us kids, the mothers and fathers would be playing cards or sitting down yarning and us kids would be doing our things - the girls would be gossiping about boys and the boys would be talking about girls."
Pat Waria-Read

"I remember an Aboriginal County Western Festival around 1979 with special guest Lionel Rose at the Myer Oval Taperoo. The oval was pretty much full with Nungas coming from everywhere."
Margaret and Kathy Brodie

“Everyone used to go to the Palais, they had rock and roll dances. All the Nungas liked to dance and the younger ones used to go there. My cousin Spencer and I used to go to the competitions and we won it as well because we liked all that throwing around. It was really good fun.”
Georgina Williams

"The Palais had a big significance for our elders. We have heard untold stories from the days when the Palais was in full swing in the Rock and Roll days, from how they dressed to who they met and danced with. It seemed that was the go back then, it was part of that era for our elders."
Margaret and Kathy Brodie

"The social places were the Globe Hotel, the Central Hotel, the Newmarket, the Kent (now the Anchor), and the British Hotel. The Port was up and running, there were a lot of people out there, pubs had a lot of business. The Globe Hotel was a big meeting place for Aboriginal people. Anyone who came from outside the area who wanted to meet Nungas would go to the Globe Hotel."
Tauto Sansbury