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The Aboriginal Way of Learning

We don't analyse the way it works, we just know it does,... we watch the animals.

"We teach kids using mystery and riddles, you make them work it out. Some of our people knew twenty languages. We had an edict that you speak the language of the person you speak to. We think as we go, we don't rely on tools. It's magical thinking, you're training your brain on all different levels, language, orientation, a lot of different factors and other insights. We don't analyse the way it works, we just know it does, we don't need to analyse it, we watch the animals. See how observation helps you? You have to watch every action, you can't just eat it - you have to know everything that's done to that fruit. Not just look, follow every step. Sometimes you can only eat it at certain times of the year."
Lewis O'Brien

"I took the kids and grandkids out into the bush, and said 'lets go and find a snake'. I showed them how to stand still and let the snake come to you when he was ready, to go past you and do what he wants to do. I said "Don't get scared, just look at it, don't worry about it". The brown snake came to us for me to show them. I called the kids up quietly to stand away and watch. He let us see them, and we stayed still and he moved off when he wanted to. I teach my kids the old ways of things."
Georgina Williams