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Working in the Port

Despite the fact that Captain Hart’s life was quite privileged...., he treated them with kindness.

"Greatgrandmother Lartelare used to work for Mary Glanville, wife of Captain Hart, founder of Harts Mill in Port Adelaide. Despite the fact that Captain Hart’s life was quite privileged compared to the plight of the Indigenous people of the Port, he treated them with kindness employing them on wood and sugar boats. According to stories passed down to Aunty Veronica from her great-grandmother, the Captain would tell the Kaurna people “it’s your land, you were born here” (Brodie V, pers.comm., 2006) and he attempted to assist them in whatever way he could. So impressed was Lartelare with Captain Hart she named her daughter, Laura Glanville Spender, after the captains wife."
Kaurna Cultural Heritage Survey


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