Public Art

We have a strong commitment to high-quality urban realm development and the creation of special places and spaces within the City. Public art may take on many forms, including standalone pieces, murals and artworks in open spaces or works of art integrated into a building. Council’s Arts and Cultural Development Officer develops public art projects within new housing developments, streetscape upgrades, open space redevelopments and festivals.

Our commitment to creating exciting and accessible community art is stated in our Public Art and Placemaking Policy - "Council will initiate Public Art as part of its commitment to improving the overall appearance of the City and to creating vibrant, attractive and functional spaces."

Our Public Art Guide Book (May 2009) showcases the vitality of our public art, artists and the spirit of our local community whose sense of place is firmly embedded in the distinctive public art on display. View the  Public art guide book online

During lockdown, we initiated a project dubbed Paint Ya Pole!  The project had two aims – to get people into their streets and potentially get to know their neighbours better and to brighten up the streets of PAE. We are bringing colour to our City as part of our COVID-19 Recovery Framework.

These maps of our local suburbs show where community artworks can be spotted.

Croydon Park PDF, 258.71 KB
Glanville PDF, 261.69 KB(
Semaphore PDF, 300.19 KB

Please be aware that SA Power Networks often need to undertake works on or around stobie poles. Please be careful when walking in the areas featured on our trail maps and keep a look-out for potholes and uneven ground as you walk.

  • Midden sculpture by Deb Sleeman – Esplanade/Semaphore Road, Semaphore
  • Yakkanninna sculpture by Karen Genoff – Semaphore Road/Causeway, Exeter
  • The Big E sculpture by Eliza Rudkin and Wesley Harrop – Main North Road, Enfield
  • Weaving sculptures by Gerry McMahon – Prospect Road, Kilburn/Blair Athol
  • Merchant Navy Memorial – Port Waterfront/Lipson Street, Port Adelaide
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) mosaic pavers by students from Woodville Gardens B-7 School – Murchinson Street, Woodville Gardens
  • Dale Street public artworks by Deb Jones and Christine Cholewa (CHEB) – Dale Street, Port Adelaide
  • Panpa Panpalya sculpture by Paul Herzich and Gerry McMahon – Hart’s Mill Precinct, Port Adelaide
  • Greenacres Library mural by Sarah Boese – Fosters Road, Greenacres
  • Lartelare murals by Nisha Cash, Margaret Brodie and family – Jervois Bridge Pylons, New Port
  • Gadlabarti mural by Elizabeth Close – rear 66 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide
  • Port Laneway murals by Sam Songailo – rear 32 Nile Street, Port Adelaide
  • Spirited sculptures by Karl Meyer - Parks Library, 46 Trafford Street, Angle Park
  • Tent Line sculptures by Will Hendriks - ABC d’art - Roy Marten Park, Military Road, Taperoo
  • Black Diamond & Pearls sound-post sculptures by Trevor Wren – Commercial Road, Divett Street and Annie’s Lane, Port Adelaide
  • Heave & Haul sculpture by Danica Gacesa McLean & Steve Hayter - Lipson Street, Port Adelaide
  • Bird and butterfly mural by Therese Williams & Debra Morley - Enfield Community Centre, 540 Regency Road, Enfield
  • Community murals facilitated by Fran Callen – Enfield Community Centre, 540 Regency Road, Enfield
  • Osborne Skate Park murals by Kaspar Schmidt Mumm & Emmaline Zanelli – Victoria Road, Osborne
  • Semaphore Skate Park mural facilitated by Matthew Kelly – Esplanade, Semaphore
  • Mural by Jack Fran – Kilburn Community Centre, 59 Gladstone Avenue, Kilburn
  • Mural by Jake Holmes – Largs Bay Sailing Club, Lady Gowrie Drive, Largs Bay
  • Into the Light mural by Thomas Readett & Elizabeth Close - The Lights Community & Sports Centre (western wall), 244-270 East Parkway, Lightsview
  • Spectrum mural by Seb Humphreys and Matt Fortrose - The Lights Community & Sports Centre (eastern wall), 244-270 East Parkway, Lightsview
  • The Gathering mural by Datsun Tran - The Lights Community & Sports Centre (interior), 244-270 East Parkway, Lightsview
  • Wonderwalls murals by various artists – Port Adelaide

We recently invited residents and groups to paint their local stobie poles in a project called Paint Ya Pole.

Even though Paint Ya Pole has closed, you can still make an application to paint local stobie poles by contacting South Australian Power Networks. Visit this page for information about the process and your responsibilities: Stobie Pole Art- SA Power networks

Once you have received your approval from SA Power Networks, please complete this form ( ) to notify us of the location and design of the pole you are painting.