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Cruise the coast of Adelaide’s West on an electric scooter

The Western Alliance of Councils City of Port Adelaide Enfield, City of Charles Sturt, City of West Torrens and the City of Holdfast Bay has provided two operators Ride and Neuron with a permit to run an e-scooter share program along the 25km Coast Park from Outer Harbour to Seacliff.  Approval has been granted for a 6 month trial from March to September and assess the outcomes of the trial before considering whether to continue the trial through summer in 2020/2021.

E-scooters are a fun, eco-friendly way to cruise the coast of Adelaide’s West in a novel way. The e-scooters operated along the Adelaide Beaches Coastal region by Ride and Neuron, are unlocked using a smartphone app and are fitted with GPS tracking so that users and the operator can find them.

Areas of use and automatic ‘go slow’ zones will also be defined by path ‘decals’  so users know they are on the right track.

E-Scooter map

Updates related to Covid-19

-Coastal eScooter operator Ride have advised that their coastal eScooters will not be available for use until 2 April, and they will advise further if that changes.

-Neuron are still operating eScooters, and regularly cleaning thoroughly and disinfecting with sanitizers.

- All staff are now wearing gloves when they are handling the scooters.

At this time, using shared micro-mobility is still a safe option due to ventilation and proximity of other people.

Even so, we still suggest the following for users:

- Use disinfectant wipes at the beginning and end of your ride

- Wear gloves when riding

- Wash your hands as soon as possible after your ride

Getting started

To ride an e-scooter, you will need to be at least 18 years old.

Simply download the Ride or Neuron app to your mobile device and then create an account. As part of the account set-up you'll receive information about responsible riding and public safety while operating and riding the e-scooters.  When you're ready, use the app to locate and unlock e-scooters.

Find more information and a list of frequently asked questions here(PDF, 549.09 KB)

E-scooter laws and road rules

E-scooter use are subject to regulations and the Australian Road Rules. For rules applying to riding e-scooters in South Australia please visit the MyLicence website

The South Australian Police can issue penalties for any breaches of the Australian road rules or offences that may apply.

The Coast Park is divided into two sections the Northern Section, from Outer Harbor to Recreation Parade, Semaphore Park, and the Southern Section, from Terminus Street, Grange to Seacliff. Only e-scooters operated by approved providers are permitted by the City of Port Adelaide Enfield in the 'trial area'. A map of the area is shown below and available through the provider apps.

The e-scooters are geo-fenced and cannot be ridden or parked outside of allowable area. Riders must park their e-scooters within the trial area at designated parking areas in order to finalise the trip. If left outside the boundary, riders may continue to be charged.


If you have any questions about e-scooters please contact Ride and Neuron customer service through the app, website, phone or email.

If you have any concerns regarding poorly parked scooters, user behaviour, and collisions, accidents or injuries associated with e-scooters contact the provider customer service by phone or email.

Ride Customer Support Line (Yellow e-scooters)

1800 774 639 or

Neuron Customer Support Line (Orange e-scooters)

7078 7800  or


If you have any feedback and questions regarding the e-scooters, give us a ring on 8405 6600, 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday or send us an email to