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Urban Renewal of Kilburn and Blair Athol

The Urban Renewal of Kilburn and Blair Athol Project is aimed at creating inviting public places and revitalising the local community. The first step of that process has just been confirmed and involves Council matching State Government funding of $3 million to deliver infrastructure upgrades, high quality public spaces throughout Kilburn and Blair Athol, and stormwater improvements along Marmion Avenue.

The State Government’s commitment to the Urban Renewal of Kilburn and Blair Athol, in partnership with Council, will ensure:

  • Upgraded streets and parks that provide safe walking and cycling tracks and links to public transport
  • Improved stormwater management to mitigate existing and future flooding risks in the area.
  • Improved safety Encouraging local businesses along Prospect Road and within the urban renewal development.

In the future, the aim is to provide further green street upgrades which will connect Northcote and Lionel Streets through to Florence Avenue with links to Leslie and Stanley Avenues to provide safer and well-connected walking and cycling links to parks, schools, shops and Kilburn Railway Station.

In order to ensure Council in partnership with State government are able to deliver on our commitments it was necessary to ensure our Council’s Development Plan allowed for what was planned.

The introduction of the Urban Renewal Zone allows for the planned revitalisation of the area, by promoting different housing choices and a mixed use of the area to drive employment opportunities. This clearly marks out a transition away from heavy, dirty industry to more people friendly activity

The new Urban Renewal Zone for Kilburn and Blair Athol will support these initiatives. The zone allows a mixture of social, affordable and market housing. It will also encourage transition away from heavy, dirty industry to light and service industries within the area. After listening to the local community, the Minister for Planning John Rau has approved the Urban Renewal Zone with maximum two storey building heights for the majority of Kilburn and Blair Athol and development of up to four storeys along Prospect, Churchill and Grand Junction Roads.

To view a copy of the Kilburn and Blair Athol Urban Renewal Development Plan Amendment refer to the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure website on

Following is a map relating to the recent announcements:

 Kilburn and Blair Athol Urban Renewal Design Outcomes(777 kb)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Council’s long term vision for Kilburn and Blair Athol?

When we developed our 2030 City Plan, you told us about aspects of your community that are important to you. What you told us helped us to form our vision for the future – the City Plan 2030.

We believe that through partnership with State Government we have a unique opportunity to deliver on these commitments and hope that our community will shape the outcomes with us.

The urban renewal plan for Kilburn and Blair Athol supports a number of key parts of the City Plan 2030:

  1. Community- A City that supports community wellbeing.
    This project promotes walkable suburbs and good cycling networks with better access to public transport. The project also aims to support safety by improved lighting and passive surveillance in the area.
  2. Environment- A City which cares for its natural environment and heritage.
    We will be making improvements in storm water management to protect the community whilst improving our natural environment through water sensitive urban design and dual use open spaces.
  3. Placemaking- A City where people love to be.
    We will be consulting with the local community to create fantastic new infrastructure that will provide new places to meet, relax, walk and enjoy.
  4. Economy- A City of Opportunity.
    We will be working alongside other agencies to support and develop business opportunities in the area which will help grow our economy.

One of the ways we will deliver on our commitments is by partnering with other parts of government to maximise the outcomes for our community. Council is currently working with the State Government on the Kilburn and Blair Athol urban renewal project.

The South Australian Housing Authority on behalf of the South Australian Housing Trust is also currently working on a long term renewal strategy for aging social housing properties within the Kilburn and Blair Athol renewal area.

What outcomes can be expected from this project and when?

The entire renewal project will likely take 15 plus years, but throughout that time the area will benefit from improvements including:

  • Upgrade of stormwater management infrastructure to lessen existing and future flood risks in the region
  • The use of water sensitive urban design treatments
  • New and improved parks and public open spaces for the community
  • Future upgraded streetscapes to create green streets which improve linkages to and from open spaces, public transport stops, main roads and other thoroughfares
  • A range of new housing that better suits the current and future needs of the community.

The redevelopment will also seek to maintain, nurture and build on existing community strengths, such as cultural diversity, resilience and a strong sense of belonging, and create spaces that people enjoy and feel connected to.

What does this $6 million announcement mean for the local community?

The announcement about joint projects between State Government and Council relates to improvements to areas of Kilburn and Blair Athol, commencing specifically in the area surrounding Rushworth Reserve on Rushworth Street and on Marmion Avenue, Blair Athol.

So far $6 million has been committed towards the first of a series of new public infrastructure projects. We believe these projects will help to revive the area and will contribute to the strengthening and renewal of a great community where people love to live.

The $6 million in funding will be used towards creating new public open spaces and improving stormwater infrastructure in the area. A new stormwater drain will be installed on Marmion Avenue and a new open space with stormwater management will be created. The installation of other features such as play equipment, shelter and a barbeque will create vibrant outdoor places for use by the local community.

Investment in good public open space networks and stormwater management are considered critical and this project is consistent with Council’s plan to develop Kilburn and Blair Athol and improve the overall amenity of this distinctive part of the Council area.

How will this work impact residents?

While this is an exciting and unique opportunity for this community which will have many benefits and positive outcomes in the long run, there may be some disruption in the short term.

Projects of this size and nature often require us to close roads or parts of roads, redirect traffic, close footpaths and so on. While this can cause frustration for local residents we will endeavour to minimise the impacts to you, and ensure that we keep you up to date with what’s happening, especially if we think it will impact you directly.

For example we will be talking directly to residents that will be impacted by the work that will take place on Marmion Avenue. We will be making contact with those residents in the next few days and working with them throughout the process to understand their concerns and the opportunities we have to work together for the best possible project outcome. The works for this project are likely to start this calendar year with consultation happening before that.

What will be the potential benefits for local business?

The project will lead to an increase in population and community participation in Kilburn and Blair Athol and it is anticipated that existing local businesses will benefit from improved economic opportunity. Placemaking initiatives will create exciting new spaces in the community and make the area an attractive choice for new businesses.

How is the project being funded?

Council is contributing $3 million which has been matched with $3 million equal funding provided by the State Government through the Planning and Development Fund. A total of $6 million is to be spent on the first two projects which will result in upgrades to stormwater.

How are environmental considerations being address as a part of this project?

Existing industries in the Kilburn and Blair Athol area are currently licensed to operate their facilities through the Environment Protection Authority (EPA). Those license conditions, such as management of noise and dust, are managed by the EPA. The new Development Plan Amendment (DPA) has a section that discusses separation distances for new development.

Where can I find out more about the project?

The community will be kept informed about the ongoing planning and redevelopment of Kilburn and Blair Athol. If you have enquiries about the renewal of public housing, Renewal SA is the place to go. Refer to their project website

Regular updates about the project will also be published on Council’s social media, website and in the Pen2Paper newsletter.