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The Lights Community & Sports Centre, Lightsview

Project Background

The Lights Logo

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield Council is in partnership with the State Government to create a venue where our community can lead active and healthy lifestyles and participate in a range of sport, recreation and community activities in a modern, sustainably managed and fit-for-purpose indoor recreation facility.

Mayor Claire Boan said “There has been a recognised shortage of indoor facilities in the eastern part of Council area and this development will remedy that. The City of Port Adelaide Enfield is building a premier recreational facility and an inclusive place where all people from our diverse community can enhance their health and well-being.”

At its meeting in February 2018 Council signed off on this significant community project, with the total construction cost for this project is $24.9 million. They also named the new facility ‘The Lights Community and Sports Centre’, to be known as The Lights which demonstrates the community is at the very heart of what this facility is all about. Although sport will form the foundation of this innovative new centre, it will be a place where all people from our diverse community can improve and maintain their health and well-being and be connected with their community.

Our new community and sport centre will support the need for more indoor courts in the eastern part of our Council area. One of our main priorities was to build a facility that is inclusive and accessible to all, which we have achieved! Take a look at our floor plans to see how we reached those important specifications. We involved all our sporting and non-sporting major stakeholders during the drafting phase of our centre, so we were well informed on what each group required.

The project commenced with Site Works in November 2017 and the build began in May 2018.

The finishing touches are now being added and there will be an official opening on Satuday 26 October 2019.

Visit for all the details about the opening event and programs to be offered from the site.


Project Updates

Management of the Facility

In February 2019 Council supported a direct management model that will see the City of Port Adelaide Enfield managing the facility over the first 3 years of its life. This is a significant project for our community that will allow us to learn and understand how this facility can grow and support the needs of the local community.


The Lights is about people, wellbeing and community. Our vision is to provide community members, clubs and groups with the support, programs and resources they need to become stronger and to improve their quality of life. The Lights is a vibrant place where people connect learn and participate in activities that improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

The Facility

  • 5 multi-purpose courts including a showcourt with retractable seating that will seat approximately 1000 people.
  • Organised sport facilities that maximise community participation and support pathways to elite sport.
  • Many ways to be active, tailored to the needs of our diverse community to support and improve health and wellbeing.
  • A welcoming, inclusive place for all people regardless of age, cultural background, socio-economic status or ability.
  • Multipurpose spaces for groups including social clubs, local schools and other educational institutions.
  • Commercial/retail spaces to provide complementary services.
  • Modern, adaptable changing areas, including public and team changing rooms with separate referee changing rooms.
  • Fully accessible car park with particular focus on access for people with a disability.
  • Adaptable spaces for major events and competitions spaces for sport and other activities which could include retractable seating / viewing platforms.
  • Multifunctional areas for meetings, training.
  • An alfresco area with built in BBQ for club activities, small functions up to 100 people.
  • A function space that can cater for approximately 250 people.
  • Large communal open spaces, inside and outside of the facility, such as entrance plaza, café and social spaces.
  • Extensive storage areas.


Smart Court Technology

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield has engaged Play Sight to provide the technology for the centre, and also the first indoor community and sport centre to install this technology in Adelaide. This technology includes – live streaming, video on demand, coach, athlete and official analysis tools, fan engagement, analytics and data through integration with wearable technology, injury analysis as well as live replay functions that will be great for immediate feedback when coaching junior athletes. For more information and the many sports Play Sight is set up for please click here.

Public Art

As part of this project Council are commissioning three innovative and original public art murals with high artistic merit and a strong reflection of place for The Lights. There will be two external murals and one internal mural.  COme and view the murals on the Opening Day, and hear more about their design and intent.


We’re making your local library even more accessible with the Library at The Lights. Featuring a series of automated lockers, you’ll be able to pick up a pre-ordered hold or return items from The Lights. To access you’ll simply need your library card number and pin.


How Can You Get Involved?

Thank you to the many clubs that initially expressed interest in this exciting new facility. It certainly reconfirmed the need for indoor facilities in this area.

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield is now seeking additional Expressions of Interest (EOI) from Sport, Recreation, Community and Health and Wellbeing providers who require indoor sports facilities, active and passive spaces to establish, grow or develop your sport, activity or community group.

The EOI process will provide the opportunity to understand the potential stakeholders that can be considered for a long term partnership with the City of Port Adelaide Enfield in establishing a state of the art indoor sports facility. Please note that your EOI does not guarantee a place in The Lights.

If your club / organisation / community group are interested please click click here to complete the following survey and we will be in contact with you to discuss further or please contact Paul Zimny on 8405 6021for further information.

Thank you to everyone who provided comments during the Community Engagement stages for The Lights. Your thoughts and ideas have helped us understand what sports, events and other community activities this new facility will provide for the community.

Timelapse Video

Project Gallery

Project Progress



Stage 1 - Preliminary Investigation/Design and Development

  • Site investigations - Environmental / Soil / Stormwater Investigations
  • Investigations into State/Federal grant funding opportunities
  • Expression of Interest (EOI) with sport and recreation groups
  • Implementation of Community and Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • Concept Design stage commences
  • Feasibility study and Prudential consultant engaged
  • Schematic Design and Design Development stage commences
  • Traffic and parking assessments conducted as required
  • Prudential Report presented to Council Elected Members
  • Development Application submitted - Planning

Stage 2 - Design Documentation

  • Detailed Design Development stage commences
  • Full Construction drawings and Documentation finalised
  • Full Development Approval received

Stage 3 - Tender for Construction

  • Open Tender for Construction is finalised
  • Council Approval received
  • Award to Builder

Stage 4 - Building Works Commence

  • May 2018 - Site works (Completed)
  • Jul 2018 – Civil works (Completed)
  • Oct 2018 – Concrete slabs (Completed)
  • Feb 2019 – Structural Steelwork (Completed)
  • Mar 2019 - External Roofing & Cladding (Completed)
  • Jul 2019 - Internal Sports Courts (Completed)
  • Sep 2019 – Car parking & landscaping (Completed)
  • Oct 2019 - Estimated Completion- public opening 26 October.

Project Builder Announced

Sarah Constructions Pty Ltd, has been an integral part of the building & construction industry in S.A. for over 50 yrs.
The Sarah Group employ 300 S.A. residents.
The largest business within the group is Sarah Constructions employing approx. 100 people in various construction roles across their business.
Sarah Constructions has an annual turnover in excess of $160m.

Latest News Updates

26 October 2019- ready to open for business!

‘The Lights’ lives up to its name. Always vibrant, with plenty going on, it’s where we can all go along and connect, learn and participate in a whole range of activities that improve both our physical and mental wellbeing.

The Lights will also be a showcase to the nation when the Australian Volleyball League digs up its best, as South Australia takes on Western Australia on November 2 and 3.

But the Lights is not only a place for the athletes among us to enjoy. Everyone can come and participate and all are welcome. There are meeting rooms, recreation spaces and equipment designed to suit all needs and interests.

Come on down and see the facility on the opening day- 26 OCtober 2019.

21 February 2018

A story was published on page 3 of the NorthEastern Weekly Messenger on Wed 21 February 2018, and also on AdelaideNow, regarding the cost of The Lights Community and Sports Centre which we are currently building in Lightsview. This story was not clear in the way it reported the cost breakdown of the project, which has led to some confusion.

The total construction cost for this much needed facility in the eastern part of our city is $24.9 million. The land, valued at $4.7 million, was gifted to Council from the State Government at no cost, along with a further $4 million towards construction. Council will gain income for court hire, room hire and commercial facilities which will help to offset the operating costs. Our financial discipline over recent years means we can make this investment and sustainably manage the finances well into the future.

This centre is being built to address a recognised shortage of indoor facilities in the eastern part of our council area. When finished, the centre will have five international standard basketball courts we've designed to be used for as many indoor sports and community functions as possible.

Building a five court stadium means we’ll be in prime position to host elite level sporting competitions including basketball, netball, volleyball, and wheelchair sports, amongst others. We are working closely with clubs and other key stakeholders to ensure we maximise the use of this first-class facility.

Upstairs there will be a number of large, flexible community spaces which can be used for group activities, meetings and much more.

20 February 2018

Preliminary earthworks have begun at newly named 'The Lights Community and Sports Centre' in Lightsview, with construction scheduled to ramp up in March. This centre is being built to address a recognised shortage of indoor facilities in the eastern part of our council area. We are adding some finishing touches to the design of the building and soon we'll have a virtual reality walkthrough to share with you so you can get a glimpse of what the inside will look like.

13 February 2018

At the Council meeting held on 13 February 2018 the Elected Member’s unanimously agreed that the facility be hereafter known as “The Lights Community and Sports Centre” and, for branding and marketing purposes, “The Lights”. It was also agreed upon that for future benefits to the community, Council constructs five courts at the Lightsview Indoor Recreation Hub Project site.

23 November 2017

“Turning of the sod ceremony” took place on 23 November 2017 at the East Parkway site, with stakeholders of the project attending including State Government representatives, Local Government representatives, Council representatives, sporting groups and the architects who have been involved in the design process. Approximately 50 people attended the celebration with speeches from Dana Wortley and the Port Adelaide Enfield Mayor.


What is proposed for The Lights Community and Sports Centre?

The Lights will hold 5 indoor courts (basketball/multi-use courts) and associated facilities like change-rooms, toilets, kiosk and storage facilities. A function space and multi-use community spaces will be on the top floor. The centre is aimed to provide spaces for all sorts of activities, so if you have a sporting or community group that you’d like to see use this venue, you can click here to complete our Expression of Interest.

Will car parking be included in the proposed development?

252 car parks have been allocated within the facility, including parking for those with a disability. The number of car parks included within the design are in excess of that required for Development Approval.

What will happen to Hillcrest Stadium?

Council has previously noted that Hillcrest Basketball Stadium is in poor condition and requires replacement. As part of this project Council is investigating potential disposal of this site to help offset the cost of developing The Lights Community and Sports Centre.

What sports will the facility provide?

It is intended the facility will be used by a variety of sporting and community groups, including basketball, wheelchair sports, roller derby, badminton volleyball and futsal. The courts will all have multi-use abilities.

Are there opportunities for local/ state / national sporting events to be held at the new facility?

The Council intends to work with sporting and non-sporting stakeholders to identify opportunities to bring events to the facility.

Will there be opportunities for businesses to operate at the facility?

There is a possibility for a variety of businesses associated with a sporting facility including a cafe. Commercial spaces – commercial providers can access space.

Will the facilities be accessible for people with a disability?

Yes, the facility has been designed to be compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). Council are building a facility that is inclusive and accessible to all, providing opportunities for people to enjoy this exciting new facility including programs and services available within the centre.

When will the building commence /be completed?

Early works have commenced on site with the construction of a secure, all weather space for the builder’s site offices, storage areas & off road car parking for contractors. Following the tender approval process together with the associated signing of the contract, it is anticipated that major works will commence in May 2018 with an anticipated completion by September 2019 subject to weather.

Will there be regular updates during construction?

Council will provide information on the various milestones reached during the construction of the facility including time lapse videos.

What was the consultation process?

A thorough consultation was undertaken with the community and local interest groups, you can read the full consultation report here.

Project Site

The site for the new indoor recreation hub is part of the former Ross Smith Secondary School site located on the corner of Hampstead Road and East Parkway in the new suburb of Lightsview (refer to location map below).