Our Council

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield Council is made up of Elected Members and administrative staff who make decisions and undertake works on behalf of the community.  The Council, consisting of the Mayor and seventeen Ward Councillors, is the decision-making body on all policy matters.  The Mayor and Councillors represent the interests of the community and ultimately are responsible for the workings of the Council.  Elected Members vote on what action will be taken with regard to issues brought before the Council.

Council Elections are held every four years.  The last election for the City was in November 2018.  The next election will be held in 2022, at which time all positions will become vacant. 

You can contact Elected Members to discuss any matter relating to Council, or that is impacting or influencing your experience in Port Adelaide Enfield. 

Elected Members are required to adhere to an Information Management Policy and keep records regarding contacts from the community.  Members can not guarantee confidentiality about certain matters that may be presented to them.  The Elected Members must also adhere to a Code of Conduct. 

If you wish to contact an Elected Member, it is not compulsory to contact the Members of the ward to which your matter is related. 

While Elected Members receive an allowance for expenses, they are volunteers who want to be involved in making the City a better place in which to live.  Elected Members often make difficult decisions about complex and important matters.  Elected Members are assisted by the administration that works under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer.  Staff implement decisions made by Council, give advice and perform the daily works necessary to keep the Council operating. 

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