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The City of Port Adelaide Enfield is a major provider of open space facilities for sport and recreational activities. In addition to reserves and ovals for structured sport, there are large open space areas for a variety of activities with family and friends plus a number of smaller parks and gardens located throughout the city. Some of these medium to smaller grassed areas provide picnic and BBQ facilities, while others provide safe, functional and attractive playground facilities for children. A number of the City's parks also include substantial landscaped garden areas offering the perfect backdrop for picnics, BBQs, special occasions or as a wedding venue.

Open Space Plan

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield's Open Space Plan 2013 has been developed to guide the future provision, development and management of open space within the City. Open space refers to community land that is available or potentially available to the public for recreation or sport, or has a conservation, aesthetic or buffer purpose.

A diversity of open space exists in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield including sporting grounds, parks for informal recreation, linear parks and corridors including the River Torrens Linear Park and Dry Creek, the coastline, natural areas and wetlands, drainage areas and road reserves.

Whilst the City of Port Adelaide Enfield allocates significant resources to developing and maintaining open space, there is potential to improve the quality of some parks and reserves and a need to address certain gaps in provision. The Open Space Plan will assist The City of Port Adelaide Enfield to address issues, gaps and needs. In particular, it will determine the priorities and directions for open space improvements and guide the future design and function of open space, particularly in new development areas.

Refer Council Plans for further information. To put forward your ideas in regards to the Open Space Plan please complete the Form refer "Community Forms - Open Space Plan Feedback" and submit to Council Customer Service.

Sporting Facilities

It could be said that 'sport' is the life blood of the Port Adelaide Enfield area, with over 90 clubs providing numerous active sports opportunities at both social and competitive levels.  All codes of football are covered, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Gridiron, Soccer and of course as the home of the Port Adelaide Football Club (The Power) Aussie Rules is well catered for.  Depending how physical you want to be there are gyms and stadiums offering gymnastics, calisthenics, badminton, volleyball, squash and more. With skate parks, golf courses, hockey pitches and tennis courts there really is something for everyone. 

Memorial Plaques on Seating

Council wishes to commemorate the contribution of members of the community to the social, cultural or political aspects and the development of the City of Port Adelaide Enfield. A memorial plaque on seating is permissible for a person (or persons) who has made a significant contribution to the City of Port Adelaide Enfield community, for example, as a member of a community group or sporting organisation, or as a volunteer. For more information refer to Councils Policy – Installation of memorial plaques on seats located on Councils Policies page. Applications for memorial plaques on seating must be received in writing refer Councils Memorial Seat application form located on Councils Forms page.

Water Management

Local Governments are undertaking significant projects to strictly monitor and manage the use of water, particularly in the irrigation of reserves and recreational used areas. Port Adelaide Enfield Council has prepared an Irrigation Management Plan, aligned to the guidelines set by SA Water to  ensure sound management of water use in public open space areas.


There are over 122 playgrounds within the City of Port Adelaide Enfield with several being All Access playgrounds providing opportunities for people with disabilities. Council endeavours to provide a playground within approximately 500 metres or 15 minutes walking distance of all residents. All Council's playgrounds are built to Australian Standards and undergo routine inspections to ensure users' safety.

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