Building Fire Safety Committee

Section 71 of the Development Act 1993 establishes the power for the Council to establish a Building Fire Safety Committee. City of Port Adelaide Enfield’s Building Fire Safety Committee consists of 2 members, 4 deputy members of council staffs and a representative from the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service.

The committee meets regularly to undertake inspections of the building within the City of Port Adelaide Enfield. In general, the committee focuses on the following building types:- 

  • Hotels/ motels and other accommodation buildings
  • Supportive residential and aged care facilities
  • Buildings where large numbers of people may congregate
  • Warehouses, factories, shops, offices and other commercial buildings.


The Building Fire Safety Committee is assigned the responsibilities to:- 

  • Develop appropriate building fire safety inspection policies
  • Scrutinize the fire safety of the buildings that have been identified as having inadequate fire safety provisions
  • Issue  “Notices of Fire Safety Defect” to building owners, which identify fire safety provisions that need to be upgraded to an extent that provides a reasonable level of safety for the occupants
  • Forward information on Section 71 fire safety notices to council administration for Section 7 enquiries (made by the vendor when building is available for sale or lease)
  • Where appropriate, negotiating a cost effective performance solution with a building owner to reduce fire safety risks to an acceptable level
  • Issue “Notice of Building Work Required’, which schedule prescribed building work that must be carried out in order to raise the building fire safety to a reasonable level of safety
  • Initiate enforcement or other action to ensure a building owner complies with a “Notice of Building Work Required”, and
  • Revoke or vary fire safety notices when appropriate.


 Building Fire Safety Committee Terms of Reference(90 kb)

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