Planning & Development System

Development in South Australia is regulated primarily by the Development Act 1993 and the Development Regulations 2008. The Act governs matters including:

Planning Strategy The State Government’s long term vision for the development of Greater Adelaide
Development Plans A document setting out zoning and land use requirements for development in a designated area
Development Plan Amendments The process for rezoning land or altering development policies
Heritage Listings The identification of places with architectural or cultural significance
Strategic Directions Report A document discussing a Council’s 5-year vision for urban planning matters in its area
Development Assessment The assessment of development proposals against a Development Plan
Residential Code A set of legislative requirements for some types of housing aimed at enabling fast-tracked approval
Building Work The assessment of development proposals against the National Construction Code

The Minister for Planning is responsible for administering the Development Act. While Council has a degree of autonomy for some matters (e.g. some types of development assessment), other aspects (e.g. Development Plans) are subject to the Minister’s approval.

Detailed information on the state’s planning and development system is available from the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure DPTI (State Government).

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