Telstra Proposal to Lease Portion of John Hart Reserve Ethelton

Council has received a proposal from Telstra Corporation for Telstra to lease a portion of John Hart Reserve, Ethelton for the purposes of constructing a phone tower. There is currently a phone tower on this site operated by Vodafone Hutchison Australia and Telstra currently leases space on this tower. Due to the need for increased capacity and in particular a need to supply 4G services to the area which is not possible with the constraints on the current tower, Telstra proposes to construct its own tower.

Council has not made a decision yet, but this matter will be referred to a Council meeting most likely in March 2018.

Further Information

John Hart Reserve is Community Land as defined by section 193 of the Local Government Act 1999. Where it is proposed to grant a lease over community land for business purposes for a period longer than 5 years then community consultation is required. Telstra’s proposal is for a lease term of 10 years, with 2 rights of renewal of 5 years each (20 years total), therefore, community consultation is required.

The community land management plan for the site specifically allows leases to be granted for the purposes of providing infrastructure for the community, and to provide services for the benefit of the area and the community. A phone tower would be allowed under these provisions as a piece of infrastructure providing a service of benefit to the community, as most members of the community use and rely on mobile telephones. The community land management plan is provided below, along with the certificate of title for the land, and other relevant documents.

A summary of Telstra’s proposal is also linked below along with a site plan / technical drawing. The image below shows the approximate location of the proposed tower.

Telstra is proposing to lease an area 6 x 10 m in south-western corner of the soccer pitch replacing the existing light pole. The existing lights would then be housed on the new tower and lighting of the sports field would not be impacted. The tower would be 30m tall and the leased area would comprise of a small compound housing the equipment for the tower. The existing tower is 20m tall. Telstra would carry out all construction works and maintenance of the facility.

Telstra Tower Location - John Hart Reserve

Telstra Tower Location - John Hart Reserve
Telstra Documents
Land Details

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