Grants for Community Groups

Placemaking Grants

PAE Places grants of up to $3,000 aim to support the creation and delivery of projects in public spaces across the city that improve how we feel and use our public spaces and how we can enhance the way they look and work, and also how we celebrate our heritage. It aims is to give the community the opportunity to make their City a place where people love to be through placemaking projects of all sizes and shapes.

Project Grants

Project Grants of up to $7,500 aim to support the delivery of a broad range of projects that support community health and wellbeing. We are looking to fund projects that align with our City Plan and can demonstrate positive outcomes for the community.

Equipment Grants

Equipment Grants of up to $2,000 per year are available to not-for-profit groups and organisations to purchase equipment which supports them to deliver services to their community where there is a community wellbeing outcome.

Minor Community Events Grants

Minor Community Event Grants of up to $750 aim to support not for profit community groups and organisations with once off Minor Community Events (expected attendance of less than 1000 people) that generates community participation, create a positive community identity and celebrates the cultural and social life of our community at a neighbourhood level.


Partnership Grants support the delivery of significant projects that improve community health & wellbeing. Projects should demonstrate the collaboration of key stakeholders and be delivered through a partnership between the funded organisation(s) and Council. Grants of up to $25,000 per year will be considered. Funding for up to 3 years may be available if there is a clear need for longer term funding to achieve successful outcomes.

Small Grants

Grants of up to $1,000 are available for not-for-profit groups and organisations for unforeseen or short-notice projects that provide services or benefit to the local community.

Event Sponsorship

Events Sponsorships aim to provide financial and in-kind support to organisations conducting festivals and other special events, which generate tourism activity and increase the public profile of the City of Port Adelaide Enfield. Sponsorships of up to $5000 for events attracting between 1000 – 8000 attendees on any one day. Sponsorships of up to $12,000 for events attracting more than 8000 attendees on any one day and that will deliver significant and measureable economic benefit to the City of PAE.

Other Funding Opportunities

In addition to Council's Grant programs, grant funds are also available from State and Federal Governments and from philanthropic organisations. Please visit our Other Funding Opportunities page for an extensive list of opportunities.

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