Busking permits

Busking permits

Individuals or small groups of people who perform in public spaces in exchange for donations require a busking permit. Busking performances may include:

  • Singing
  • Playing an instrument

Guidelines for busking

  • A maximum of four performers will be permitted per performance. We will consider a larger group if you provide a site plan with the application
  • A performer can use minimal, essential equipment for their performance, such as an instrument or tape/CD player or Bluetooth speaker to provide a low-level backing track
  • You need to keep a minimum of 1.8m clear to maintain pedestrian access. In instances when the usual width of the footpath is less than 1.8m, you will need to make provisions to maintain pedestrian access in line with the usual footpath width
  • You can busk in one location twice per calendar month
  • You can busk daily between the hours of 7am to 10pm, without the use of amplification

Please note that we don't approve performances that require an exclusion zone for the busker to use knives, whips, swords etc.

In addition, to align with the objectives of the Community Land Management Plan – Passive Recreation Reserves, we don't permit busking within reserves (including the footpaths and car parks associated with reserves) when the main objective of the performance is to collect donations for it. However, a performer may organise a recreational festival, event or social gathering in one of our reserves if the broader community will enjoy the performance. You will need to submit a booking request for this – learn more at the reserves for hire page.

Read the Busking permit guidelines


There is no charge for a busking permit.

Applying for a busking permit

Apply online or in person. You will need to submit the following documents as part of your application:

  • Photographic identification such as a driver’s licence, passport, student card etc.
  • If the performance has more than four performers, a site plan detailing the:
    • Location
    • Dimensions of the area that will be occupied
    • Site set-up showing location of performers, essential equipment and pedestrian access
  • When the performer is a child (under the age of 18), a parent or guardian must submit the application on behalf of the child

Please note that performers aged 12 years old or younger will need to be supervised by a parent, guardian or appropriate adult.

Your busking permit application will take seven working days to process.