Explore First Nations culture

The City of PAE is located on Kaurna Country. Aboriginal peoples have lived on this land for 60,000 years. Their heritage includes stories, people, memories, events and traditions as well as landscapes and places that are of significance to the local community.

The coastline in PAE forms part of the Tjilbruke Dreaming Trail, along which Kaurna man Tjilbruke carried the body of his slain nephew from the place that is now Kingston Park, to the tip of the (Fleurieu) Peninsula. At each place where the grieving giant stopped to shed tears, a freshwater spring welled from the ground.

Lartelare Reserve in New Port marks the birthplace of Kaurna woman Latelare. It is a significant site for her family, the Port Adelaide Aboriginal community, the Kaurna People and culturally and historically for all Australians. The park seeks to reclaim that history through the stories passed by mother to daughter over four generations from Lartelare to Aunty Veronica Brodie – a rare unbroken link in Indigenous history.