Marine and coastal conservation

We're protecting the coastline from Semaphore South to Outer Harbor. Learn how you can get involved to help restore our marine environment.

We’re committed to preserving our diverse coastline

Our beautiful coastline runs from Semaphore South through to Outer Harbor and the Port River Estuary. People love relaxing on our shores and we're lucky to enjoy such a great lifestyle, from beaches and barbecues to parks and cycle paths.

We protect our coastline with maintenance and safety programs as well as through scientific research and conservation efforts. There are many local groups working hard to preserve our unique ocean and coast.

Our Coastal Dune Action Plan 2022–27

We developed our Coastal Dune Action Plan to protect plants and animals across 42ha of sand dunes. Every year we weed the dunes and plant more than 4,000 native plants. The Semaphore Largs Dunes Group, Taperoo Dunes Group, Friends of North Haven Dunes and Green Adelaide help us deliver this rejuvenation program.

Coastal and marine projects

We need to protect the waters and wetlands of the Barker Inlet and Port River Estuary because commercial and recreational activities like fishing rely on healthy marine life. Research shows that people's actions over many years have damaged the plants and animals in these waters, so we need to work hard to restore their health.

Mutton Cove Conservation Reserve is an important home for migratory shorebirds on the Lefevre Peninsula, but rising sea levels and super tides have washed away the river banks. We're repairing and protecting the area's samphire and mangrove woodland so that people and animals can enjoy the area for generations.