Household waste and recycling

Everything you need to know about household waste and recycling in the City of PAE, including bin collection days, how to request a new bin and waste FAQs.

Household waste and recycling services in the City of PAE

We’re committed to delivering sustainable waste management services that meet community needs, comply with legislative requirements and align with the waste hierarchy. To help us do this, we’ve created a Waste Management Service Standard that outlines what we can offer and provide.

Your bins

We provide every house in the City of PAE with one of each of the following bins:

  • 140L blue bin for household waste
  • 240L yellow bin for recycling
  • 240L green bin for organics and green waste
  • 8L kitchen caddy and compostable bags for food waste (on request)

Residential properties have different bin entitlements to businesses, sporting clubs and community groups. Read more about bin entitlements for business.

      Additional bins payments

      Each residential property can apply to access an additional 240L green bin for organic waste, and/or an additional 240L yellow bin for recyclable items for an annual fee of $51 per bin. This fee covers the collection of the additional bin for the financial year and is not pro-rata.

      Only households where a resident lives with a medical condition that generates additional waste will be eligible to access an additional blue general waste bin. To be eligible, you must provide written evidence from a qualified professional demonstrating that you need an additional bin to dispose of waste associated with your medical condition. A range of people can provide you with this documentation (for example, a doctor, social worker, carer or nurse). Each application is subject to an annual review. There is no fee for the additional blue general waste bin service.

      Visit this link for the online application form. The additional bin application form is under the heading 'Additional Waste Bin Services'.

      Not sure which bin to use?

      Making sure you dispose of waste materials in the correct way can help prevent items going to landfill unnecessarily.

      Download our Waste and Recycling Guide or visit Which Bin SA to learn more about what materials you can place in your yellow, green and blue lid bins.

      For other waste, visit:

      Bin collection days

      The 2024 waste collection calendar lists the bin collection dates for every area in the City of PAE.

      To get a weekly reminder notification on your device, visit your app store and download the My Local Services app.

      Did we miss your bin?

      Give the wasteline a call on 1800 777 844 or log a request online within 24 hours to request a return collection of a missed bin.

      Calling after 5pm? Leave us a message – and don’t forget to include the bin type, along with your name, address and phone number. Leave the bin kerbside for collection; we’ll come to collect it as soon as possible.

      What happens to our waste?

      • Waste that you place into the blue bin goes to landfill
      • Waste that you place into the green bin is composted
      • Waste that you place into the yellow bin goes to the MRF (see below for details)

      What is an MRF?

      An MRF is a Materials Recovery Facility that accepts commingled recycling – aka the waste that you place into your yellow lidded bin! The facility then sorts these recyclables into a series of commodity streams ready for sale to various recycling markets. The MRF undertakes this sorting process using a combination of manual labour and state-of-the-art sorting equipment, including optical sorters.

      In the City of PAE, our MRF is called the CAWRA Materials Recovery Facility (CAWRA is pronounced 'cor-rah', and stands for Central Adelaide Waste and Recycling Authority).

      CAWRA is a joint initiative of the Cities of Charles Sturt and Port Adelaide Enfield, formed with the goal of taking back control of recycling for our communities. The facility uses the latest in optical sorting technology to produce clean commodities ideal for developing local markets.

      Centrally located in Kilburn, it also has a dedicated education room and elongated viewing platform to allow for safe first-hand observation of the entire recycling process. It provides added employment opportunities for the local economy and has been designed to produce recyclable products of the highest quality.

      Household waste and recycling FAQs

      If you need a new bin, or if you’d like to report a stolen or damaged bin, you can request a new bin or a bin repair online.

      If you’ve built a new house or moved into an existing house where the bins are missing, or if your bin has been stolen, you can request a new bin online.

      If your bin lid is missing, falls off or is damaged, it can generally be repaired. Wheels can also generally be repaired or replaced. To request a bin repair, fill in this form or give our waste team a call on 1800 777 844 during office hours.

      Holes and cracks in the body of the bin can’t be repaired, so you’ll need to request a new bin.

      There is no charge for a bin repair or a replacement bin.

      You can request additional bins. Visit this link for the online application form. The additional bin application form is under the heading "Additional Waste Bin Services'.  Or give us a call on 8405 6600 and we’ll be happy to discuss your request.

      Download the My Local Services app to receive weekly reminders about which bin you should place out for kerbside collection. You can also print out our 2024 waste collection calendar and pop it on your fridge.

      Waste collections continue on public holidays, except on New Year’s Day, Good Friday and Christmas Day. All collections will move to the next day for the remainder of the week in which these holidays occur. Information about any changes to collection for public holidays will be added to the top of this page.

      Information about waste services for businesses located in PAE can be found on our business services page.