Policies, guidelines and codes

Our policies guide all our decision making at the City of Port Adelaide Enfield. Along with our delegations and by-laws, they make sure that we live in a safe, fair and dynamic community.

City of PAE policies and guidelines

Our policies are set by the Elected Members and provide clear direction for everyone at the City of PAE. They ensure that everything from spending money and hiring staff to approving development applications happens in a professional, transparent and fair way. All policies are reviewed regularly to check that they are still performing well. In addition, Elected Members will improve them if needed.

Awards and grants

Elected Members



Permits guidelines

Planning, building and development

Public health

Roads and parking



Elected Members streamline the decision-making process by letting committees and City of PAE staff exercise some of their powers, such as planning approvals. These are all set out in the Delegations Manual.

Download the Delegations manual

By-laws and codes

Our by-laws control and regulate activities within the boundaries of the City of PAE. They work in conjunction with State Government laws to provide local solutions to issues like waste management, pet registration, permits and penalties. By-laws are regularly reviewed by Elected Members. Any changes to a by-law need support from two-thirds of Elected Members to be implemented.