Outdoor dining permits

Outdoor dining contributes towards the vitality of our streets and can help to create a sense of space. Local hospitality businesses can apply for an outdoor dining permits (for up to five year) to activate the public footpath in front of their business premises.

As the environmental layout can vary for each application, the Outdoor Dining Guidelines have been developed to provide details of the required setbacks and safe placement of outdoor dining infrastructure to assist in the design of your outdoor dining area.

To be eligible to apply for an outdoor dining permit at your business premises:

  • The width of the footpath must be 3 metres or more.
  • The proposed outdoor dining area is not adjacent to a pedestrian crossing, bus or taxi zone.
  • Can maintain adequate pedestrian access of 1.8 metres when the outdoor dining is in use.

As part of the outdoor dining assessment, Council will determine if Energy Absorbing Bollards (EABs) are required to be installed to enable patrons to use the outdoor dining area safely. If EABs are required, this will be installed by Council at the outdoor dining permits applicant’s expense.

Read the Outdoor Dining Guidelines

An application fee of $290 and a non-refundable minimum annual fee of $717 (inc. GST) which will increase by CPI each financial year.

You will need to submit the following documents as part of your application:

  • Provide a Certificate of Currency of your Public Liability Insurance with a minimum cover of $20 million, noting City of Port Adelaide Enfield as an interested party.
  • Provide a picture or photo of the outdoor dining furniture and/or infrastructure to be used in the outdoor dining area
  • Provide a site plan (true to scale) which details the dimensions of the public space to be occupied by the outdoor dining and the placement of the outdoor dining furniture and/or infrastructure within the outdoor dining area. This must include measurements demonstrating the required setbacks and pedestrian walkway.

Your outdoor dining permit application will be assessed against the Outdoor Dining Guidelines and can take 7 to 14 working days to process.

An application can be made online or in person.