Engineering standards

The following documents will assist engineers and developers when they are planning and designing new developments in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield.

Engineering siteworks plans

Flood awareness and stormwater

More information about our stormwater management is available on the Waterways and stormwater page.

Details of Council Stormwater Drainage Infrastructure

Easement encroachment requirements

Construction Details

Complete Set (Zip)

Pae Standard Details Dwg ZIPPae Standard Details PDF ZIP

SK1000 Standard Detail Drawing Index

SK1000 DWGSK1000 PDF

SK1001 Upright Kerb and Gutter Upright Kerb and Tray

SK1001 DWGSK1001 PDF

SK1002 Upright Kerb, Concrete Spoon Drain

SK1002 DWGSK1002 PDF

SK1003 Rollover Kerb and Gutter, Rollover Kerb and Tray

SK1003 DWGSK1003 PDF

SK1004 Standard Protuberance Kerb (on Asphalt), Standard Protuberance Kerb (on Rubble)

SK1004 DWGSK1004 PDF

SK1005 Oversize Protuberance Kerb (on Asphalt), Oversize Protuberance Kerb (on Rubble)

SK1005 DWGSK1005 PDF

SK1006 Driveway Crossover Invert (Residential and Industrial)

SK1006 DWGSK1006 PDF

SK1007 Driveway Crossover Layout (Concrete)

SK1007 DWGSK1007 PDF

SK1008 Driveway Crossover Layout (Block Paved)

SK1008 DWGSK1008 PDF

SK1009 Driveway Crossover Section (Concrete), Driveway Crossover Section (Block Paved)

SK1009 DWGSK1009 PDF

SK1010 Driveway Crossover Dimensions

SK1010 DWGSK1010 PDF

SK1011 Concrete Footpath, Asphalt Footpath and Block Paved Footpath

SK1011 DWGSK1011 PDF

SK1012 Kerb Ramps (Sheet 1 of 2)

SK1012 DWGSK1012 PDF

SK1013 Kerb Ramps (Sheet 2 of 2)

SK1013 DWGSK1013 PDF

SK1014 Reinforced Concrete Pit

SK1014 DWGSK1014 PDF

SK1015 Double Side Entry Pit (Sheet 1 of 2)

SK1015 DWGSK1015 PDF

SK1016 Double Side Entry Pit (Sheet 2 of 2)

SK1016 DWGSK1016 PDF

SK1017 Stormwater Connection (Kerb Outlet)

SK1017 DWGSK1017 PDF

SK1018 Stormwater Connection (Rear of Allotment)

SK1018 DWGSK1018 PDF

SK1019 Stormwater Connection (Under Verge)

SK1019 DWGSK1019 PDF

SK1021 Service Trench Reinstatement

SK1021 DWGSK1021 PDF

SK1022 Kerb Reinstatement and Backfill

SK1022 DWGSK1022 PDF

SK1023 Pavement Bar Layout

SK1023 DWGSK1023 PDF

SK1024 Example Retaining Wall Layout

SK1024 DWGSK1024 PDF