Tours and trails

There are plenty of ways to explore the City of PAE, including recreational trails, cycling and walking paths, guided Port Adelaide walks, tourist trails and ghost tours.

Recreational trails

Within PAE’s boundaries, there are wetlands, walking trails, picnic reserves, playgrounds, bicycle networks and skate parks. In addition, there is almost 8km of beachfront and 50km of water frontage, offering numerous water sports opportunities such as sailing, boating and fishing.

Cycling and walking paths

Walking and cycling are fantastic ways to travel around the City of PAE. Not only are they affordable and environmentally friendly modes of transport, they also provide many health benefits .

There are many walking and cycling paths and routes throughout PAE for everyday and recreational walking and cycling, including the Outer Harbor Greenway, Gawler Greenway and River Torrens Linear Trail.

We also run a free bike hire program, which makes it quick and easy to grab a bike and go for a ride. Cycle around the Port’s State Heritage Area and the Waterfront Loop Path, just for starters. You can hire your bike from the Port Adelaide Visitor Information Centre.

Paddling trails

There are many waterways to paddle and explore. Find out more from Paddling Trails SA

Tourist trails

Guided Port walks

Enjoy a guided walk around historic Port Adelaide with a passionate local volunteer. Let them take you back to the mid-1800s and learn what life was like for the early settlers and how it came to be that Port Adelaide was dubbed 'Port Misery'.

When: The last Sunday of the month
Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: $5 per person

Visit Port Adelaide app

Download our new Visit Port Adelaide app and take a trip around historical Port Adelaide. The app will also help you find somewhere to eat or something special to see, and features interactive maps, information and guides. You can also plan out your trip using the Day Planner feature. The app features a number of tours, including Walk the Port, Heritage Plaques, an art deco tour and even a craft beer tour. Download the Visit Port Adelaide app below.

Ghosts of the Port

Port Adelaide has a long and fascinating history, rich with intrigue, mystery and ghost stories. The City of PAE has developed the ‘Ghosts of the Port’ self-guided walking tour, which was researched and written by Australia’s most recognised paranormal investigator, Allen Tiller​. Allen is the star of Syfy’s hit TV show, Haunting: Australia. He has been investigating the paranormal for over 10 years right across Australia and is known for his unique and historically factual approach to ghost hunting.

The guide to the walk includes a detailed history of 13 different haunted locations across the Port and their ghosts, including the Civic Precinct, local pubs, Lipson Street, the Lighthouse and more.

Head on over to the Port Adelaide Visitor Information Centre during opening hours to pick up your free map and guidebook, and then go for a walk and investigate the ghosts of the Port for yourself!


Check out more than 80 murals around the Port using the Visit Port Adelaide app on your phone.

Download the Wonderwalls map

Heritage Walks

A treasure trove of South Australia's heritage awaits you in Port Adelaide, and the best way to discover its delights is to walk the Port!

Download the Port Adelaide heritage walking tour map


Experience stories from local first Nations Peoples on the Mudlangga to Yertabulti Track. You can cycle or drive – since it's a bit too far to walk – and enjoy finding out more about an ancient and enduring culture that has much to teach everyone.