Grants for individuals

If you're an individual with dreams to chase, skills to enhance or passions to pursue, we have tailored grants just for you. Dive into the possibilities of these grants specific for individuals and unlock the potential for personal development, education, arts and sports. Whether you want to further your education or nurture your artistic talents, these grants are your stepping stones to success. We also offer grants for residents and property owners to support heritage conservation works or significant trees maintenance works.

Grants offered

Placemaking Grant

OPEN until funding exhausted.

Up to $7,500*

The Placemaking Grant program aims to support the creation and delivery of projects in public spaces across the city. These include initiatives that improve how we feel and use our public spaces and how we can enhance the way they look, work and feel, and also how we celebrate our heritage. The program gives the community the opportunity to make their City a place where people love to be through placemaking projects of all sizes and shapes.

Grants of up to $7,500 will be available for community organisations and businesses with an ABN.
Grants of up to $1,000 will be available for individuals or informal groups without an ABN.

Creative Industry Grant


Up to $5,000

The Creative Industry Grant program aims to support creative practitioners of all disciplines to grow their practice and deliver projects that contribute to PAE’s vision for a strong, creative, impactful and sustainable arts ecology. 

This grant program is currently under review.

Heritage Grant

OPEN until funding exhausted.

Up to $3,000

The Heritage Grant program aims to encourage owners of Local Heritage Places and Representative Buildings to maintain, conserve or restore places of local significance.

Individual Grant

OPEN until funding exhausted.

Up to $400

The Individual Grant program supports residents of the City of PAE to participate in personal development, leadership or competition opportunities they have been selected, recommended, chosen for or demonstrated a particular talent in. Funding is available for intrastate, interstate and international opportunities.

Lightsview Community Fund

OPEN until funding exhausted.

Up to $500

On behalf of the Lightsview developer (CIC Northgate Pty Ltd), the Lightsview Community Fund supports the Lightsview community by providing civic programs and events that encourage community use of public spaces and continue building the story of the Lightsview community. Only residents currently living in the suburb of Lightsview are eligible to apply for funding for activities occurring within the suburb of Lightsview.

Significant and Regulated Trees Assistance Scheme


Up to $1,000

The Significant and Regulated Trees Assistance Scheme aims to encourage the retention and protection of large trees in our neighbourhoods by helping landowners with tree maintenance costs on their properties. 

This grant program is currently under review.

How to apply

We provide an online application tool called SmartyGrants to help you prepare and submit your application. If you're a new user, you will need to start by registering a new account. Once registered and logged in you’ll be redirected to the "Before you begin" page where you can start your application.

Applicants can only apply online when funding rounds are open. Support or access to computers and the internet can be provided if required.