Information for supported residential facilities

We make sure that supported residential facilities in the City of PAE are safe for residents. Learn about licensing and regulations, as well as how to report problems.

About supported residential facilities (SRFs) in the City of PAE

Supported residential facilities (SRFs) are accommodation facilities that provide personal care services to more than two people. Personal care can include medication management, financial management and assistance with showering, feeding and other daily living needs. Many of the residents living in SFRs have mental health conditions or intellectual disabilities.

Applying for an SRF licence

Which regulations apply?

There are prescribed documents that your facility must have in order to meet the requirements of the Supported Residential Facilities Act 1992 and Supported Residential Facilities Regulations 2009.

Authorised Officers from the City of PAE conduct audits of facilities, reissuing licences if all requirements are met. During annual audits, the officers review all documentation and assess the standard of cleanliness, maintenance and care for residents. Any non-compliances with the act or regulations are imposed as conditions on the licence and must be addressed during the licensing period.

How to apply for a licence

Annual fees and charges apply, whether you are applying for an SRF licence or renewing one.

To apply for an SRF licence, you’ll need to submit an application and pay a $91 fee to cover the cost of processing your application. We need a minimum of eight weeks to consider your application, and once we approve your application, you’ll need to pay the annual licence fee of $425 within seven days.

If you’re an existing SRF, you will need to apply for your renewal licence no less than 12 weeks before the date of expiry of the current licence. You will need to pay a $91 fee for your application and the annual licence fee of $425.

If you’re opening a new SRF or making changes to an existing one, you may also need to get planning approval.

We recommend that you give us a call on 8405 6600 to find out what you need to get approval for.

Applying to manage an SRF

If someone other than the owner is will be managing the facility, you’ll need to provide us with the manager's details. If the manager is going to be absent from the facility for more than seven days, you’ll need to tell us who the acting manager will be.

Report a problem

Make a complaint about an SRF

If you’d like to report a problem about a supported residential facility, start by having a conversation with the facility’s management. If you can’t resolve the issue together, give our Environmental Health Officers a call on 8405 6600 or send us an email.