Keeping other animals

You can keep animals like horses, poultry and bees on your property in the City of PAE, but you must follow specific rules and guidelines.

Owning animals in the City of PAE

While cats and dogs are the most common pets around PAE, some residents like to keep other animals, too. You’ll need to seek development approval if you want to keep animals on your property like horses, sheep, goats, cattle, pigs and donkeys.

Animal FAQs

You can keep a horse on your property as long as you get development approval. Our public beaches are open to horse riders every day from 5am to 8am.

Yes. You can keep poultry like chickens and hens on your property. Just make sure that you care for them properly so that they don’t cause health or other problems for you or your neighbours. It is best practice to keep chicken coops at least 900mm from boundary fences and regularly cleaned to reduce any bad smells or fly issues. You should also keep all food in vermin-proof containers to reduce the risk of vermin causing a nuisance to yourself or your neighbours.

Roosters are considered a prescribed animal under our By-laws and an application form to keep roosters must be submitted and assessed by a Community Safety Officer. In most cases, roosters are not typically suited to residential areas.

Yes. You can keep two bee hives on your property without a permit, but if you want to keep more than two, you will need to seek approval.

Know someone who’s keeping an unsafe hive, doesn't have a permit or isn’t disposing of waste properly? Give us a call on 8405 6600 so we can investigate.

Bees are the superheroes of our gardens, parks and farms. They pollinate the flowers and plants that we love and they help grow most of the food we eat, so it’s a sign of a healthy environment to see a few bees buzzing about.

When the weather heats up, you’ll see more bees about and they might build a hive in your garden or around your house. If this happens, we’ll remove the hive from your residential property and find the bees a new home to keep everyone safe.

The Department for Environment and Water protects native animals in South Australia, so you’ll need a permit to trap and remove animals like possums. We recommend that you hire a licensed pest control expert, as we don't provide a possum removal service.

To help keep the community safe, we remove infestations of rodents, European wasps, bees and snakes from your residential property, but we can't remove other wildlife like foxes.