Disability access and inclusion

Learn about our commitment to access and inclusion, read about our Inclusive Communities Plan and services, and find the locations of our accessible toilets, Changing Places, wheelchair-accessible beaches and playgrounds.

Our commitment to access and inclusion

The City of PAE is committed to promoting access and inclusion for all residents in our community. While the personal experience and impact of disability are unique to every individual, we understand that disability and mental health conditions are present in people from different cultural groups and people of different ages, genders and socioeconomic levels across our community.

Recently, Federal and State Governments passed legislation that will improve the lives of people with disabilities and keep us accountable to the community. We’re in a unique position where we can both directly and indirectly drive change and advocate for the rights of people with disability, as well as improve the way they engage in community life.

As leaders in access and inclusion, we work in partnership with our community to make our city more equitable, inclusive and accessible. Our goal is to provide an equal chance for all people with disabilities to access our programs, services, activities and facilities, and to support them to lead their best lives possible.

Our Inclusive Communities Plan

Our Inclusive Communities Plan provides a wholistic approach and commitment to strengthening inclusion and access through key themes like:

  • Commitment
  • Advocacy
  • Culture
  • Built environment
  • Products and services
  • Communications and marketing
  • Information communication technology
Our inclusive online community

If you live with a disability, care for someone with a disability or work for an organisation that supports people with disabilities, you might be interested in joining our Shaping Inclusion online community.

Shaping Inclusion is a way to get involved in improving access and inclusion outcomes in our city by sharing experiences, providing feedback and discussing topics that matter to you.

Our access and inclusion services

We’re working to improve access and inclusion in our community, and we’re committed to making sure that visitors and residents can get to and around our city.

You can find information about disability parking in our city through the Bluebase app. If you’re looking for building, business and facility accessibility, we recommend using the Pavely app. You can also find a hearing loop at our Civic Centre.

The Parks Library and the Lights Community and Sports Centre are home to Changing Places, which feature adult change tables, tracking hoist systems and nature-inspired ceiling designs in calming colours.

You can access these facilities using a Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK), or you can borrow a key from the customer service desk.

These facilities support individuals and their caregivers engaging in our community's social life. Notably, The Parks Library was the first accredited Changing Place in South Australia.

The facilities include:

  • Adult change table
  • Tracking hoist system
  • Peninsula toilet
  • Privacy curtain

We’re installing Changing Places at Largs Bay in 2024, and at Yitpi Yartapuultiku, our new Aboriginal Cultural Destination, which is expected to be completed by 2026.

We use MLAK security systems to help people with disabilities safely gain 24/7 access to a network of public facilities across our city. You can apply for an MLAK by completing an MLAK key application form. Once your application is approved, you can purchase an MLAK Key for $20.

Who is eligible to apply?

Eligibility is restricted to people who have a disability or have written authority from:

  • A doctor
  • A disability organisation
  • A community health centre
  • The owner or management of a building with an accessible toilet on site

If you don’t have your own MLAK key, you’ll find a notice posted at each facility to let you know where you can borrow one.

We’re working to make our beautiful 7km stretch of coastline more accessible. You can learn more about wheelchair-accessible beaches around PAE and the rest of the South Australian Coast on the Accessible Beaches website.

Read the accessible beach visit map and information sheet

Beach access mats

Our beach access mats provide a safe path for people using wheelchairs, gophers, prams, walking frames or crutches, and for people with visual impairments. They also help older dogs access the beach. These long, sturdy beach access mats are placed on top of soft sand to support wheeled mobility aids (like wheelchairs or prams) and to make it easier for people who have difficulty walking to reach the firm sand at the water’s edge.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that our beach access mats will reach the hard sand because of constantly changing sand and tides, but the mats are placed in a position where they’ll reach hard sand as much as possible.

Surrounding facilities play an important role in making our beaches wheelchair accessible. We’ve worked collaboratively with our local community to make sure that our beach access mats are placed in areas with supporting facilities, such as parking, retail outlets and accessible toilets.

Each of our beach access mats has a unique identifying number, which can be found on a sign located near each mat. If you find a damaged mat, please take note of the identifying number and then report the issue to our helpful Customer Services team on 8405 6600 or email us at service@cityofpae.sa.gov.au


Opposite Arthur Street, Semaphore - currently unavailable
Read the information sheet for the Arthur St beach mat 

Opposite Hall Street, Semaphore
Read the information sheet for the Hall St beach mat

Why isn’t the beach mat there today?

Beach access mats are usually available from September to May, depending on weather conditions. If we are expecting a damaging storm, we will remove all beach access mats to prevent damage or injury. We will replace them as soon as possible after the weather has improved.

From time to time, the beach access mats need maintenance. We do our best to minimise the impacts caused by removing a mat, although it is not always possible for us to give notice of the works. If you can’t find the beach access mat at its usual location, we invite you to explore another location until the works are complete.

Beach access wheelchairs

You can hire beach-accessible wheelchairs at Semaphore Surf Lifesaving Club during patrol hours over summer, or by arrangement (bookings are essential). Patrol members will roll out the beach access mats to help you get onto the beach, and they’ll be nearby if you need any support.

Book a beach wheelchair

There are several accessible playgrounds around our city, with play equipment that caters to people with many different abilities and interests. You can find liberty swings at Semaphore and Regency Park, and communication boards at Polonia Reserve.

Visit the Lights Community and Sports Centre and Libraries pages for local opportunities and programs. We also list local disability programs in our Programs and Activity Guide.

In 2024, we’re launching a grant program specifically for access and inclusion resources and improvements. Follow us on social media for updates.

We use the Userway accessibility tool on our website. Click on the round orange accessibility icon on any page of our website to manage your accessibility settings.