CEO PDR Committee

Our Chief Executive Officer Performance Development Review (CEO PDR) Committee works with the CEO to set performance indicators and to measure progress and achievement on these goals.

What the committee does

The CEO PDR Committee works in conjunction with the Chief Executive Officer to establish relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) that influence the strategic direction of the Council.

The CEO is responsible for:

  • Putting council decisions into action
  • Employing and managing City of PAE staff
  • Providing advice, information and reports to council
  • Making sure the council acts within the law

The committee also undertakes the formal review of the CEO’s performance to ensure that progress is being made on our strategic policies and plans.

The committee is made of up the 17 Elected Members, and the Mayor is Presiding Member of the committee.

Read the Terms of Reference

CEO PDR Committee agendas and minutes

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