Major projects

Learn about our capital works program, explore our current and completed major projects, and join the conversation about current development projects in PAE.

Capital works program

The City of PAE owns and manages a large and diverse community infrastructure portfolio, which is valued at approximately $1.7b. Each year, we invest funds from this portfolio in capital works programs to maintain our community infrastructure.

In 2023-24, we delivered an $82.4m capital works program, investing $45.7 million in renewing and replacing our existing assets, and $36.7 million in new and upgraded assets.

Explore current projects

Use our interactive map to find out when and where capital works projects are taking place in your community. You can search the map for a particular suburb, address, place or project type across multiple financial years.

You can also use the map to learn about each project’s budget, which includes engineering reports, consultation, procurement, and construction for the project (unless it’s a design-only project). The map doesn’t include equipment and machinery projects. Get in touch with us if you’d like details about these projects, or read our Annual Business Plan for a summary of our capital works projects.

Want to have your say about a project?

Tell us what you think about our current projects on our Participate PAE website.

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